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Marks and Spencers Food Hall To Open Where The Old Big Post Office Was - Green Lanes, Harringay

Finally M&S is coming to Harringay! 

It’s been so overdue, they have the best tasting fruit by far out of all the supermarkets, great news.

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I'm not sure why we should get excited about M&S opening. Another chain store selling much the same stuff as the other chain stores.

Much more exciting is Hugh's post about Olivier Chard , a real French baker baking goods that he really cares about, which look excellent, though I haven't tried them yet.

And I buy my (English) cheese from The Micro Cheese Monger, I am just checking to find out if Sarah still delivers to N4.

This all sounds like a bit of a long shot to me. I'm not sure a M&S Foodhall would be viable on such a small site, especially given all the local competition from shops along Green Lanes. Still, we can but hope!

A Waitrose would be nice.

So here's another bit of news.  A large M&S foodhall is currently being fitted up in the newly done up Finsbury Park Station. I have this from someone working on the construction. It's definite and coming soon.

Facebook page here, last post 5 October.

"Hi all, please be advised we have no confirmed opening date for store opening at this moment. 
We look forward to welcoming you all soon".

Address Goodwin StreetFinsbury ParkLondonN4 3HQ ( towards the new Finsbury Park tube entrance).

have anyone got any updates on this? Seems like there is a lots of work happening right now on this shop, I am wondering if it is M&S or something else? 

Pretty sure another thread said it's a second branch of Dobar. The M&S idea was their central office confusing Finsbury Park and Harringay I think....

Yes, Dobar put in the planning application for change of use. Work is racing ahead. When I first read ‘big post office’ I thought it was the old WH Smith!


That is terrible news.. It’s basically a stripper club pretending to be a restaurant.

Another epic fail from our local council

Dobar is a brunch place at Manor House. Sure you're thinking of the right place?

I think you might have got mixed up. It’s a brunch/lunch place with a branch by Manor House tube station

I'm not quite sure where you sourced this from. We will be operating as a family run brasserie. Please feel free to come down to view the premises and of course happy to show you pictures of what it will look like.

Warm regards,




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