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Hi, Im a local (n17) video artist looking for a small studio to rent in the area.


Something secure and somewhere I can make moderate noise as I work with music / editing.


Any suggestions or contacts welcome.

Many thanks.



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If you're N17, you could try Euroart. There's also a cluster around Ashfield Road/Vale Road in Harringay. You could try a few phone calls. Starting points could be Pram Studios in Vale Road or one of the folks in the Arena Design Centre, Ashfield Road. You could also ask around at the community building up in Lawrence Road focussed on Studio 28 at the moment.

Whilst none of the links I've given might be quite right for you, I hope they offer some avenues to start asking around.

Great< Thanks Hugh.
I've looked at the studios in Euroart, unfortunately all the walls are just partitioned so is not suitable if you are editing (noise wise).
Ill look into your other suggestions.


Friend of a friend has this up for grabs near Wood Green:



Possibly a bit overkill for your needs though.

HI Neil,

Thanks, I've actually visited this studio.
A bit too expensive really for the size, although it is fully soundproofed and good location for me.


Hi Jude, I should imagine you're already on the Chocolate Factory N22 list - they do occasionally have soundproof-able spaces, so it's probably worth nagging them every so often. Have you tried the other Choc factory - the one in Stoke Newington N16?


website looks in dire need of updating but could be worth a try. Pretty eccentric management, but then they all are, in my experience... Good luck

HI Claudia,

Yes, im on the N22 list, Thanks for the info on the one in Stokey... I used to live in stokey and didn't even know this existed!


I've just emailed them..


Many thanks




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