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Peering through the shutters at Rakkas yesterday, it looks to have been competely gutted, right through to removing the back wall. Any bets on what's coming? I know it had to close down for Covid breaches, but does that mean the owner can't re-open it as something else?

Also La Vina on Wightman, which has been locked up for years, has work going on inside - I suspect to turn it into flats, as happened with Moka next door.

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Rakkas had its license withdrawn for not following Covid Guidelines!

La Vina on Wightman Road will be re-opening as a tapas restaurant and will also have a small Spanish grocery section - spoke to the owner last week who hopes to complete refurbishment and open by Summer. 

I’m so pleased to hear this, much missed.

Me too, great news.

Rakkas+Hashtag:  The back wall has also gone from former Hashtag next door (the black plastic has shrunk a bit in places, you can just see through). There are separate planning permissions granted for single storey rear extensions to each property. But if the extensions become a single walk-through area that would produce a triple-fronted hospitality venue - is there now (a bit late!) a planning presumption against that on Green Lanes?

La Vina:  There was an attempt to turn La Vina into flats but it was refused planning permission. That was a few years earlier than Moka closing, which did succumb to conversion.

Is it the same fellow whose licence was recently revoked?

They've been doing lots of work at the back over the last few months, filling skips on Lothair Road North with soil/clay.

No comment on Rakkas.

La Vina is owned by Yeliz who lives above the shop. I asked a workman what was happening as I passed a few weeks ago. Apparently, Yeliz is still at the helm and it’s going to re-open in a different guise. 

Unfortunately this cynical government has pushed through changes to planning rules which mean that councils/Local PLanning Authorities will have less power to refuse conversions from retail to residential and that maeans a real threat to reatil streets in areas like ours, where we have quite a few speculative  & predatory landlords with no scrupules operating.

So many family houses turned into rabbit hutch residential units.

So many applications to turn the back of reatil units into rabbit hutch residential units.



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