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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Harringay and Haringey is already a needless confusion, and Green Lanes is miles and miles long. So can we rename the stretch of road from Harringay Green Lanes Station to where the shops stop on Beresford Road, Little Istanbul.

It'd help the branding of the area and could differentiate it sufficiently from "that place with the nice Turkish restaurants". I know there are other nationalities here too, but just wondered what others thought.

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Little Istanbul would be pretty inaccurate, a bit like calling Chinatown 'Mongoliatown'. More appropriate would be 'Little Diyarkabir' or Kurdtown, but the first of those might be seen to favour some restaurants and given other meanings of Kurd (curd), I'm not sure the other would be such great branding. Why don't we just press for a renaming of the borough instead. That solves all confusions.

Little Turkey then...?
How about Harringay Traders Association Street?
Yes and you could add "Insisting Lothair Rd South, Lothair Rd North, Conningsby Rd , Tancred Red and Venitia Rd residents don't have an extended CPZ over the wireless weekend as they are worried they won't sell an extra couple of kebabs on those days Street... Oh and wireless stakeholders group are in their pockets..
It would be a bit like renaming the Falls Road as Little London!

Areas change all the time, in 50 years time from now the lovely turkish restaurants that we have now could become Polish restaurants or Russian resturants or maybe even futuristic robot restaurants so "Little Istanbul" along with the other suggestions could have no meaning at all in the future. 

Not quite 50 years but in 1978 it was very largely Greek Cypriot, now Mr Michli on St Ann's Road and

 Ό ΠΕΝΤΑΔΑΚΤΥΛΟS are the only obvious (to me) survivors.

Yeah this is the example I was thinking of! and wow you got the correct spelling of the greek coffee shop! 

Think your find that the majority of those living in haringay are Greek/Turkish Cypriot and the restaurants are Kurdish!



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