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Pub in Kilburn demolished the day before Grade 2 listing.
Let's hope this doesn't happen to any of our pubs.


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I thought the bad old days had gone, e.g demolition over a bank holiday pre-empting immediate listing of the Firestone Building on the Great West Road. Cowboys still around, then.

Sod the Salisbury, The Beaconsfield have just done up the beer garden.

They should be forced to sell the land back for £1 to The Community and build a playground/garden in its place.  If they get away with this - clear breach of planning law - more will follow.  Deliberate bastardy must not win.  How will Tory Westminster feel about confronting the power of 'ownership'?

I hate to be a miserable old sod --- BUT ,,,the Queens Head got turned into Dogarse with the only proper beer garden on the lanes now a car park at the back. The Salisbury is only a matter of time and a property deal done in the U S of A.

One route taken successfully elsewhere in the country has been to apply to have a pub listed as an asset of community value, under the Localism Act.

If successful, the registration would gives some protection for the Salisbury in the event that it were to be put up for sale. Those who made the application would informed and the community would be given time to come up with a counter bid for the premises.

This route could have been plausibly have used to secure the ground floor of Queen's Head if enough people had wanted that.

Camra advocates 'listing your local' and the Government even organised a national celebration day on 23rd March to celebrate the hundreds of pubs already listed as assets of community value. 

I believe that's how the locals saved the Antwerp Arms along with support and some funding from Spurs

That didn't help the historic Black Cap in Camden...

I believe that the demolished pub in Kilburn was listed as an asset of community value? Forgive me if wrong. 

It had applied to be a listed building as well and that was in process. 

Nothing seems to stop those that want to develop a piece of land. And that includes councils who want land/spaces. 

Who (or what) owns the Salisbury?  You can find out for £3 at the Land Registry website.  (NB Not the first ones that come up on a google search and offer to process your enquiry for £15.  I nearly got caught by that last week.  For all govt info, only use sites with the suffix .gov.uk.)

Is there some rumour about "The Salisbury"? I cannot see there being a problem there as it is well supported. The problem is usually with pubs that only have 5 or 6 regulars.  

Hi, sorry about the break in communication ( I had to climb a mountain- literally) there is no problem with the Salisbury . I was just being a miserable old fart. As I understand it the building is owned by someone who bought it 30-40 years ago (for almost nothing) and who subsequently moved to the states. He/she still has connections with harringay in terms of family and friends and has no intention of selling up.
HOWeVER----- as with all things, times change, people pass away, the inexorable rise in land values in harringay, and legal issues abroad will decide the fate of a once thriving hotel on green lanes NOT US.
Remember that what we perceive as a thriving pub is a mere shadow of what it once was - HOTEL!!!! with a large bar, function rooms, no doubt entertainment every night of the week, and (probably) a notorious reputation.
How little we have now!!!!

The Salisbury is owned by Remarkable Restaurants. They own a small chain of a dozen or so pubs in London. (Via the links at the bottom of their Salisbury web page, you can read a bit about their purchase of the pub in 2002 and th restoration job undertaken. The article mentions the pub's builder, John Cathles Hill. I wrote a short article about him on Wikipedia some years back.)

Their other nearest pub is The Shaftesbury, on Shaftesbury Road, just south of Crouch End. MD Robert Thomas recently set up his own microbrewery, Dragonfly, at the George & Dragon in Acton.



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