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Does anyone have something like this I could borrow for a few days?

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Hi Hugh - we have a long ladder that I'm sure we have used for that purpose. I believe it's in 3 sections. Does that sound any use?

Thanks Martha. That's very kind of you. I have a ladder like the one pictured below and may be able to Jerry rig it to do the job. Is yours like this? 

I was using an old step-ladder to cut the hedge when it collapsed a few weeks back. Whilst I fell hard on the pavement, bar a wee scratch on my hand, I walked away completely unscathed. However, in addition to buying one of these to do the hedge as a result (a much more stable alternative for the job), I've developed a much healthier respect for ladder safety!

In theory I could use the tripod ladder for what I need, but it's just too wide to fit on the staircase. 

I guess something like the one below is what I need, but having already forked out for my tripod ladder I'm not really wanting to spend more on buying yet another ladder. Is yours perchance like this?

Yes, that's the sort, but thanks for the ladder insight
Sorry to be clear my ladder is like the first picture - same as you have already.

Just what you needed, huh! 

I have a ladder I used when decorating my house Hugh and I managed to get to all the relevant nooks and crannies. Pop over later and see if it will do the job.

Thanks J (and yes I now know far more about ladders than I ever wanted to!).

I use a roller on a 6ft pole to get to within an inch of the 'join' then a small paintbrush celotaped to a bamboo and it works perfectly well!

Thanks Maggie. I'm stripping back through varnished Victorian wallpaper, prior to the plasterer coming in. So I need to get up a bit more close and personal.

Good luck with that!

Innit! Scorer + steamer + DIF makes it just about doable!

Hugh - It looks (from previous posts) as if you may already have been offered a loan of what you need. However, if not, I have a (brand new and as yet unused) ladder exactly like the one you have illustrated, which you are welcome to borrow. I bought it to do work in our (very large) stairwell, but haven't as yet made time to do that. So, you could, as it were, christen it <g>. Let me know.



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