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La Vina Tapas Bar and Restaurant has reopened, after a long wait and an uncertain outlook. As well as tapas (served 1700-2200 weekdays, 1400-2300 weekends) they serve coffee, opening at 0700 to catch commuters - so 'But First Coffee' the other end of the Harringay station footbridge has competition.

They also now sell Spanish foods and provisions from the mezzanine area at the rear of the restaurant.

There's no current menu I can find online - all there is is their Facebook page. Photo of menu below, sorry about the image quality. House wine is £17.50 bottle/£5.25 glass - I don't know how long the wine list is.

Phone (020 8340 5400) is answered promptly.

Edit: proper spelling is La Viña, just for John D.

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Shouldn't there be a tilde on espanola?

Si. But there are other 'mistakes' too!

Shouldn't it be "La Viña"?

"Platter (sic) de Queso" not Queso de platter.

"Pulpo a la Gallega" - no caps on the prepostion, for consistency.

"Patatas al Allioli" as this is not Ali & Olivers potatoes. At least I think the Spanish/Catalans use 2 els, whereas aioli is english usage and aïoli is french.

"Pollo al Diabolo" - just to be consistent with the caps as with the preps!

NB - I have restricted my comments to the Spanish ;-0

This is good news. I shall return with my dear Tilde.

Finally, it has been a long time since they last were opened. Can it be 3 yrs? The guy that ran the place was amiable.

This is great news! It was sad to see the premises closed up for so long. 

I’d love to see a newsagents/corner shop open on this end of Wightman. Or across the bridge. It would be so handy when getting off the train after being away for any length of time, rather than traipsing down to Green Lanes.

There was one along that little parade as you come around the corner from La Vina, but that obviously closed a while back. I haven’t been that way for a long while.

Elaine, good news - across the bridge is the New Istanbul Supermarket (next to 'But First Coffee'), a corner shop which sells newspapers.

About here.

Thanks, Gordon. I need to cross the divide more often!

Think it’s the same menu as it was years ago!

This is great news!!! I have missed going here and have been going past wondering what it was being turned into. It was strange how it just suddenly closed with no explanation.So pleased to see it's still a tapas place and I really enjoyed the original menu so don't mind that hasn't changed. As long as the food is still good quality. I will have to pop in today to check it out

We went on Friday night.  Very good. Very busy which is great to see.  Good to have them back. 

It's has fewer tables now because they have turned the back into a shop so I guess not many people can now eat in there. Apparently they have the same chef as before which I was pleased to hear as the food was generally very tasty. I look forward to having tapas there soon



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