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My soon-to-be 6-year old son has expressed an interest in learning to play guitar (clearly not deterred by the genetic streak of tone-deafness which runs deep in the family).


Does anyone know of a guitar teacher locally who teaches kids? I'm assuming he'd have to start off with an acoustic guitar although I've heard great things about some teachers who do 'rock schools' so am happy for him to start off with a flying-V if that's what keeps him happy.

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My kids dad is a guitar teacher, teaches acoustic and electric,affiliated to Hertfordshire school of rock, CRB checked etc. Can giveyou his details if that sounds what you're looking for.

Great, thanks Julia, will do.


On a separate note, HOL generally recommends people don't put their personal email addresses in posts, but rather PM other HOL'ers. You may want to edit your post to remove it.  

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My former tenant Ricky Whaites teaches guitar and I believe he still has a client in the ladder.  He can be reached on tel 07916809884.
Actually, that will be me- Ricky is great. You should give him a bell.. http://www.harringayonline.com/profile/RickyWhaites?xg_source=profi...
My husband is a brilliant guitar and piano teacher -especially good for kids- is careful in his approach and very sympathetic to their needs-and we live on the ladder-although I have to sat he is very busy but you never know he may have a mini spot to start with.

Dick - thanks. We'll call Ricky to discuss.

Ninot - can you PM me your details please so I can email you a few questions?


I used to have a very good guitar teacher in Crouch End, who had worked for Haringey Education. His name is Paul Alcantara and his number is 020 8341 0716. His card says 'Beginners and children welcome'. It was some years ago for me, so I hope he is still there.

It might be a bit big for a 6 year old, but I've still got my 3/4 size nylon string acoustic guitar in good condition and it's looking for a good home - if you think your son would be interested PM me!


Happy to give it to someone who'll get some use out of it.


(I think when I started learning at around that age I had a 1/2 size, but a 3/4 size may be ok depending on your son's height)



That's very kind Wholepint - but he's definitely too small for a 3/4 size so I think we'll pass for the moment.
No problem, hope he enjoys his lessons!
my son is 7 and has a great guitar teacher  hes got him playing white stripes, James bond,smoke on water in only 5 lessons so obviously my son feels like a rock star. Sean is living the dream too as he is a successful musisian writes music for adverts and has recorded albums.you can call him on 07845816993

I'd be willing to give some taster lessons for free and he can use my junior les paul during any lessons, I'd also offer to look around at guitars for him, because even the small ones might be a bit big and I can make some reccomendations



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