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Yes, Veolia prove they can pass the Marshmallow Test. By way of reward they get to come back and finish the job (we hope).

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Hmm well i'm not saying the council are not telling the truth but their version serves them best. My information came directly from the horses mouth - Veolia employees onboard a bin truck picking up flytipped rubbish so I excuse myself if not correct! 

Possibly, but I'd have thought that a formal statement from the Council to Harringay Online has probably been fact-checked - but who knows!

There is something odd about the statement you were given though Hugh "There is no separate payment to Veolia for collection of this type of dumped rubbish" - as if there might be more than one type of dumped rubbish, some of which is collected as part of the fixed price contract, and some of which incurs an extra cost?

I think from other things posted here that they aren’t paid per collection.  However, the extra cost of clearing dumped rubbish would be based on an estimate of what they would be expected to deal with over the life of the contract.  As this will have increased the contract cost we do pay for it through council tax.

Hi Michael, thanks - please see my post above for where i got that from.



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