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Great to see kids making the most of a quieter Wightman Road, in so many ways - and the lemonade tasted fabulous.

Loving seeing this! So good to see children reclaiming the streets and interacting and playing. I've noticed it too; was sat at my computer last sunday afternoon and had the backdrop of two of my neighbours children skateboarding on the pavement - never noticed it before and probably because the road was both too noisy and unsafe and I think they have become friends through this shared activity too. Loving the fact that stopping the 120,000 cars a week blight on a residential road is allowing 'community' to grow!! And kids laughter is so preferable to the roar and shake of traffic!!

I saw these lads the other evening, I didn't have time to stop but thought it was a lovely idea and a great way to make the most of the lovely peace we are currently experiencing.

On our way to Harringay station Trudy and I shared a glass of Wightman Road lemonade supplied by these enterprising lads. It was unexpected but very good. They said they were saving up.
Saving up for what I wonder? But good on 'em for showing a little enterprise...

I know these lads, and my son was one of the group the other day doing this: I suspect the are saving up for nerf gun bullets for the nerf wars they have been having- equally an event that could not have happened prior to the closure as they have reclaimed their street!

So lovely to see! Thanks for sharing, This would never have happened before the current restrictions. Have seen so many children cycling and playing football. It would be a real shame to go back to the road being a rat tub and off limits for residents.

There's a website to help with that deepajourno. 

And happy days, from here

My son is one of them, and his life and that of his friends has been magically transformed by the road closure. They now roam the streets on their bicycles, escort lost drivers towards Green Lanes, have water bomb fights… And they're discovering their autonomy, which for me is the most precious outcome of this unexpected summer gift.

Excellent. When the road does re-open they can use Fairland Park to hang out in which is what my son & his friends do.

It's a pretty little green space Matt but a shame it's next to a road with 120,000 vehicles a week churning out noxious fumes. Not good for playing children's lungs. I'm currently doing some research on asthma rates in Harringay and we're above the Borough average. Not good.

I agree, Penny. I had a discussion with a car-owning neighbour recently and mentioned the existence of the campaign to close the road permanently to cars. She was opposed and said that the streets are for everybody - but that is exactly what they aren't under current conditions. I've been cycling on Wightman Road for three years and had a bad accident, most parents are afraid of letting their children cross the road by themselves, and even the pavements are taken over by cars. Parks alone are not the solution, we need to reclaim the streets so that they are truly for everyone.



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