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J C Decaux seeking permission to add advertising kiosk outside former Coliseum

Like / not like?

Care / not care?

Full details online at Haringey's Planning Portal.

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Apologies Michael AND Hugh! Doh! Must be the chilly weather!


Comment submitted, thanks for bringing to our attention Hugh!


Does this application differ much from the application in September, HGY/2023/2230? Here's the link -


The Highways Dept. said of that application -

a. The installation of the proposed communication hub with digital advertisement display will adversely impact
on pedestrian amenity by increasing street clutter on the footway.
b. The location of the proposed communication hub with digital advertisement adjacent to a signalised
pedestrian crossing along a busy road will distract road users and adversely impact on highway safety.

Pat, all but one of the individual files in both applications are dated 18/8/23. The only consultees I can see (!) on that earlier application were the Highways Dept who responded in early Sept, that's the extra file. There was one comment from an individual too, in similar terms.

This time round, a large number of residents and businesses near to the location are on the list of consultees. So far (18 Oct) there are seven objections, nothing in favour.

The Decaux covering letter lists five locations:
1. Site 1 o/s 64 High Road N22 6HL [outside Holland & Barrett/BetFred, near Barclays]
2. Site 2 o/s 21 High Road N22 6BH [near Nationwide BS]
3. Site 3 o/s Coliseum Apartments Green Lanes N15 0RX ['ours']
4. Site 4 o/s Anna House 214-218 High Road, N15 5BT [corner Broad Lane & Seven Sisters Rd]
5. Site 5 o/s 230 High Road N15 4AJ [outside Tesco Superstore]

Sites 2, 3, 4 are Under Consultation. Sites 1 and 5 have been refused. Visual clutter, highway safety...

Site 1 Planning Officer report here.   Site 5 Planning Officer report here

So, not the done deal after all...

What Decaux have done is to add the Haringey logo to all their document cover sheets. Innocent me. Yes, Michael?

As a new born kitten Gordon

I don’t think Haringey council favours these.

Cluttering up public space with physical obstacles as well as visual and light pollution is purely for commercial gain.

Here is an interesting link….


The relentless battle requires constant vigilance. The culprits often gain by attrition. Sigh!

Worth following example and practice of Adblock Hackney who are doing similar things to block these on their streets too 



The application has been refused.  Reasons included in the officer report below

Brilliant. Thanks, Michael 



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