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J C Decaux seeking permission to add advertising kiosk outside former Coliseum

Like / not like?

Care / not care?

Full details online at Haringey's Planning Portal.

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Applications like this are incredibly frustrating.  They are submitted as telecommunications applications which have far less stringent rules than advertising applications.  It’s one of the reasons telecoms companies continue to maintain kiosks that no one uses - they provide valuable advertising revenue.

Remember the unlicensed advertising display in the windows of the accident claim solicitors in the ground floor of Coliseum Apartments right where this will be? Oh the irony.

J C Decaux already has an illuminated advertising board on the adjacent bus stop shelter (or did in Feb 2022 according to Google StreetView). If in telecommunications terms they're claiming 'grandfather rights' for a former phone box on their proposed location, it was removed before 2008.

This initiative is in conjunction with Haringey Council.  It's dressed up as a public service because each has a defibrillator and wifi. It adds this location and four others to what's already been installed at other 'prominent locations' in Haringey, so little chance of it not happening. 

I’ve had a look at the documents Gordon and couldn’t see that Haringey were joint applicants.

They're not, the 'conjunction' comment comes from my reading of the application letter:

"The applicant’s own aspiration aligns with the Council’s vision to become London’s leading digital Boroughs, which is expressed through the Digital Strategy (DS). The essential role of technology in the social and economic wellbeing of the Borough and life of residents is recognised. Technology is a valuable tool in ensuring communities stay connected and in providing inclusive access to Council services and online provisions."

It’s a template they use for all applications and just slot in the name of the local authority and extracts from local policy documents.  When I worked in planning any agent worth their fee would look through local planning policies and try to make their application look like it fitted with them.  I imagine they did exactly the same for the ones they installed in Richmond on Thames, Westminster or other other places they’ve installed them.

And what do we do about it? Can we object or is it a done deal. We have enough of this rubbish taking up our footpaths, I thought we were going to be trying to get rid of this stuff from our streets, not adding more! 

Since it's a planning application, you can object. Michael are you up to speed enough with Haringey's various policies and plans to have a suggestion about the best grounds for objection?

Right, will take a look.

Looking again at the image I think you might have a safety issue there. The pedestrian crossing from the Salisbury across St Ann's Road is a busy one in both directions, and there are a lot of cars whipping south down GL and taking that left turn into St Anns. If you look at the placement in the image of the advertising hording then both the driver and any pedestrian crossing in either direction will lose line of sight of each other, meaning pedestrians may cross as a vehicle approaches, and intends to turn, and the driver will not see any pedestrians intending to, or already, crossing the road as they approach the junction to turn- if they take the corner too quickly there is a risk someone is going to get flattened!

My guess is that the advertising board will face the waiting southbound traffic which is exactly why they chose that spot.

With telecoms applications local authorities have very few grounds to turn them down - the law gives more rights to the applicant than the authority or objector. For this one I would have thought that the main issue is that an illuminated advert situated on the approach to a major busy junction risks distracting motorists and causing accidents. Justin’s post is an excellent summary

Please put up the place to object! Thank you

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