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I'm still shaking my head at this. The Council has spent so much on something noone wants. I don't know why the English don't stand up to this sort of thing. It would never happen in Turkey or Greece. This guy sums it up perfectly.

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"You wrote:
"I'd love to hear from someone comparing hard numbers spent on other initiatives."

If you're serious it's not too hard to search online for alleged wastage by your local council. The Ham and High newspaper is a useful source. As is this site.  Also Twitter and What Do They Know website.

Or perhaps you are genuinely interested in the whole area of the naming and renaming of public spaces; of memorising and memorials. Currently this seems to be a burgeoning field. In which I claim no expertise, so I'd appreciate your recommendations for books and articles you've been reading on the topic.


If you really believe this is the only issue at Haringey Council worth discussing, please carry on. I've set out its scale in the scheme of things above for reference.

I daresay none of the people so upset about the cost of this renaming have any reasons to offer about why this particular expenditure has caught their attention. It's everyone's right to talk about what they care about of course, so I'm not going to demand any.

The cost is only one aspect of this to which many people object. My main issues are the false premise that the name needed to change, erasure of heritage and the undemocratic nature of the whole palava.

But yes the fact that the council saw fit to spend even a relatively small amount of its overall budget on this at this time provides insight into the way it must manage budgets and priorities more broadly. There are indeed bigger scandals mamaged, or rather mismanaged, by the council (eg. Ally Pally, Charles Adje, the millions wasted on the council HQ). You could say the renaming of Black Boy Lane is the 'council in a microcosm' or the final straw that broke the camel's back.

Regardless of whether or not I agree with you, that sounds like a reasonable way of assessing the issue, Gordon.

Shar - You have no reason for saying that I "really believe this is the only issue at Haringey Council worth discussing *. That statement is absurd, not least because I actually wrote the opposite. Making it plain that there are many more issues. That "it's not too hard to search online for alleged wastage by [our] local council. The Ham and High newspaper is a useful source. As is this site. Also Twitter and What Do They Know website."

I post here and on other websites under my full name. i don't use pseudonyms and anyone can check out what  I "really do believe" .

You comment that there may be some "reasons to offer about why this particular expenditure has caught their attention". Why they "care about"  this.

Let me make it plain that a number of things make me "care about"  how our Council spends our - i.e. public = money. The issue of scale is important and if you had followed up on my suggestions you would have seen that I and others had been publicly raising matters such as dubious property deals totalling many millions. But what I "really believe" is that even very localised and minor issues do and must matter. In fact the smaller issues often provide a window or even small doorways into understanding far larger issues.

Alan, all you did was point out that I could go look for other issues if I was interested, so apologies for not having done a full background check on you and your beliefs beyond this thread. I still haven't undertaken this myself but will happily take your word for things you say about yourself.

Thanks for clarifying that you have written about other issues, and for your contributions. I do agree that small matters can be very instructive about bigger issues.

Shar really is my name by the way, it's not a pseudonym. (Should I have gone with Brown Boy?)

I just don't care to use my full legal name on a website publicly accessible on the Internet as it's an uncommon combination and having been harassed in the past I prefer not broadcasting where I live. Happy to DM my full name to anyone who really wants to know. Hugh has verified me as a member and several members on here know me or have met me personally. 

It's good that the BBC has started to give airtime to the resistance. Could it be possible to overturn this decision? 

Well it seems the local Black communities might welcome a reversion to the road's real name. This lady is definitely taking no prisoners.

That lady is not a local. And as for overturning the decision and reverting to the old name I thought people on here were keen on saving public funds not spending more money on signs, consultations, and helping people change their addresses. If. changing a name is a waste of money then so is changing it back.

I really doubt, considering the council's already brief response on Twitter, I think as quoted somewhere here, that they're going to spend any more time & money on this matter simply because of a You Tube video that has few views. That would certainly lead to valid accusations of going against majority opinion & wasting public money. + I see no petitions currently set up on this.

She just reads the Daily Mail article and says things like “No black people were involved in this”

She simply highlights that it wasn't changed because of any concerns raised by Black people and that it was simply virtue signalling by the council leaders. The money wasted is a secondary issue. They should correct the mistake and revert to the real name.

After all if the council dug a hole in the wrong place you'd expect them to pay to fill it in again.



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