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I'm still shaking my head at this. The Council has spent so much on something noone wants. I don't know why the English don't stand up to this sort of thing. It would never happen in Turkey or Greece. This guy sums it up perfectly.

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Elizabeth, I wonder how many of the most prolific commenters would be able to correctly tell us what proportion £182K makes up of Haringey Council's annual expenditure...

It's public money, Shar! Not one pound should be wasted.

I know it's not possible to achieve that in reality but even the underestimated cost of £182k is a lot more than one pound and money that could have been spent wisely to improve services. 

How much should the Council leadership be allowed to waste before we're allowed to worry? 

The money wasted here is literally the cost of several teaching assistants for a few years. It is a couple of youth workers who intervene in the lives of troubled teens. It is a health worker or two. It is a couple of admin people to man the council helpdesk and reduce wait times. It is an upgrade to the IT systems etc etc etc

I expect a big slice of the costs was setting up and responding to the consultation - maybe they shouldn't bother next time. 

Well they didn't really bother this time. As others have said, they may as well have used survey monkey and let anyone respond.

Livi, I entirely agree that not a pound should be wasted.

But I don't believe that it's anyone's desire for fiscal prudence that informs their shining a light on this particular item to such an unprecedented level.

Hardly the first time Haringey has spent too much on something.

I'd love to hear from someone comparing hard numbers spent on other initiatives.

I think complaining about the cost is a convenient rationalisation for people who would always be opposed to this change for other reasons.

Of course we're all racists John. Get that off your chest so you can engage with the argument properly.

Go on then Cem, tell us more about the rest of Haringey's Budget :) Do you think it's well spent? Any feedback about things that could be done better?

Also please let us know why you believe you're racist. Doesn't look like anyone called you that.

Hi Shar. You're the one who seems interested in Haringey's budget. I'm sure you could look into that yourself. But it's safe to say that the vast majority of it goes on the salaries and relatively fixed costs associated with the delivery of statutory services. I doubt there is much left over that could be deemed discretionary and as such £180k plus would be a not insignificant proportion of that element.

As for your query about racism I suggest you read John Lyne's post again and satisfy yourself whether any other conclusion can reasonably be drawn from it other than it being an accusation of racism.

My post today was not an accusation of racism, and not aimed at you specifically. Earlier in this thread, I did call out that you had posted a link to a racist youtuber, and that one of your posts was a clear example of racial prejudice.

Haringey Council's total gross expenditure is in the region of £1.17bn a year. That's over 6,400 times 182,000. In other words, the unimaginable wastage you can't get over makes up 0.016% of total expenditure.

Overall, Haringey Council manages assets and cash flows of over £5 billion a year.

Your annoyance at wastage is shared by a lot of people, including myself, but I would argue that in the scheme of things there might be much bigger leakages that might actually be worth getting this exercised about.

If you still think this is THE most egregious action ever taken by Haringey Council, please do carry on.

I was just trying to introduce some sense of proportion using actual numbers.

I'm afraid I don't know much about local authorities in Turkey or Greece so can't compare. Why did you mention those two countries by the way?



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