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So I admit this is a blatant attempt to advertise our flat, so apologies Hugh if you need to remove, but if anyone is looking, details are here.

Those that are interested, I'm planning on having a few drink around Covent Garden Wednesday evening, and if packing allows head down to the Salisbury Thursday night. Hope to say goodbye to some good friends there!

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That's fine, unless you've set yourself up as an estate agent - in which case you'll be receiving my invoice!

Are you staying in London?

Off to Milton Keynes. My work has been sending my up to Manchester with alarming regularity, and due to growth I've lost my desk as we're apparently hot-desking since January. I say apparently as the number of hotdesks has reduced from 12 in January to 2 last time I was in, and with 30 of us jostling for desks I've given up on the idea of going to the office.

So off to the land of roundabouts, concrete cows and ridiculously cheap houses for us!

Hi Adrian

I have sent a connection request as I want to PM you about your flat, thanks.



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