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Haringey Council has deleted Gasholder No 1 from its local list of industrial heritage site with a view to it being demolished to make way for Heartlands. At the same time English Heritage is assessing it with a view to it being listed! It’s in the balance and could be lost.
From Gasholder No 1 at Hornsey Gasworks: A structure at risk!

Make sense to you ??

Thanks to Belfegore for surfacing this issue through his photo and link on Flickr and to PMRA for tweeting it out on Twitter.

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I am really pleased to see the photograph of the gasholders and delighted that others share my interest in them, or rather one in particular – the smaller one of the two, which dates from 1892.

The article that Hugh linked to was written by me four years ago. Sadly, English Heritage didn’t agree to list it – they bungled their assessment, misunderstood the significance of the structure and despite an appeal, with full bureaucratic rigidity they refused to budge. But all is not lost and I am keen to get more support to influence a rethink by the council’s planning department.

I will try to attach a recent article that brings the whole story up to date. If it works, it should be below.

What options are open to help save it Colin?
Colin - here's a pdf version of your document for any one who has trouble with Word.
@Colin @Hugh: part of the problem with gasometers is to find a good use for the structure.. my local gasometer is to be converted into a building.. although the project has been delayed by the crisis .. it is still hoped to start this year..

This video explains: http://www.euref.de/en/idea/video/
It's a pity to see that " gasholder " has been converted into the less-accurate " gasometer "

( Got to keep the Meldrew flag flying :-) )
well if you feel the need - don't let me spoil your fun... *kopfschüttel*
An amazing conversion, it would be great if that could happen here.

Thanks. That’s exactly what I have in mind and what Heartlands needs – a real landmark building that links to the cultural and historic context of the site. All it needs is a bit of imagination by Haringey Planning and a bit of creativity by the architects.

Hi Colin

Yes. Stephen's video depicts a great idea and I'd love to see a local version come about. It would be a real asset to the area. However, we can expect Haringey to oppose it tooth and nail because the idea was not generated inside River Park House and as you know, the LBH bureaucracy is the source of all wisdom.
At the King's Cross development site, I think they have cleverly designed housing within the old gasholders, looked that way when I was walking along the Regent's Canal towparh recently.
yes it's not a novel idea.. another Gasometer HERE!

this one was a gasometer, then wartime bunker and is now being converted into homes.

and before 'meldrew' john buts in. yes, they are still called gasometers in German
Interesting ideas about use of old buildings. I stayed in the Wassertum (Water Tower) in Koln a few years ago- fantastic place- http://www.hotel-im-wasserturm.de/en/aboutus.htm.

I thought there was a case recently where a gas holder had been decommissioned and housing built on the brown field site. Difficulty was (and will be here I am sure) that these things leave a shed load of nasties in the ground beneath and around them and there is actually limited use that the land can be put to, I would imagine domestic housing is out?



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