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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Seen on Wightman today. Isn’t traffic disruption on Wightman just what was needed?

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Blimey - Hawes and Curtis still listed!

That's a great idea since Harringay Green Lanes (in my opinion, at any rate) has an awful lot more going for it than Wood Green High St, for example. And it's very well served by public transport too (no rail stations in Wood Green any more).

Perhaps resurrecting the Harringay Street Festival might help? As far as I'm aware there were only ever two, a few years ago, and I always wondered why they seemed to have stopped.

The website info is a start, but it's very brief & outdated, with no info on what stations/roads you can travel from (frequent car users may well not know about their local stations and bus routes)- and I wonder how many hits that page actually gets!

I reckon a positive leaflet about public transport options (with a map) could work for the traders - and it would be good to deliver the message to people directly.

Do you drive. I think not. Would you like tree in the middle of the road.

Its not rocket science but when we drive in lower gears we increase the engine revs, which in turn produce far more toxic fumes spewing out the exhaust.  Watch your rev counter go up when you change down to second gear, or pulling away in 1st when you have to stop, or slow down around those wide kerbs.  Unfortunately we will be breathing far more of that shit into our lungs, but children will be far more vulnerable.

Like turkeys voting for Christmas, FFS


I keep to a very steady <20 mph as designated for Wightman and am mostly in 4th gear throughout only occasionally and briefly using 3rd when necessary, and as I am very old school in my driving I desist from all this braking and accelerating stuff that newer drivers seem to do, meaning my rev counter is as chilled as I am.

If you keep to a modest <20mph there is absolutely no need to be stopping at the 'wide kerbs' that is unless some pillock thinks they own the road and tries to go faster.

Same, it's not hard to keep to 20mph and only lift off a little to go over speed bumps, I find modern cars are happy to trundle along at very low revs.

Here's a study looking at air pollution from petrol & diesel vehicles at 20mph vs 30 mph. Diesel emissions are substantially lower at 20, petrol a bit up & down depending on the pollutant.

Thankfully someone has now corrected the potentially offensive parts of the message:

Brilliant. I have noticed that there is definitely less traffic on Wightman, it is definitely a lot slower than it was before, and the bulk of the complaints on this forum come from motorists, so seemingly this is delivering results. I will never understand why anyone would drive in central London given how painful and expensive it is, and the range of available low cost, faster public transport options.

The person who wrote that os probably angry they can’t drag race their stupid Merc around at 60mph

Not only Harringay.  Returning from overseas, I am shocked at what a car-dependent country this has become.  People care only for the next roundabout and the one after that.  Street life is dead.  The high street is dying.  Why does anyone living in London need a car anyway?  I visited Harringay - my old home - a couple of years ago.  Its small streets were one long line of cars.  Try seeing it through the eyes of a stranger.



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