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Not sure how things are in downtown Harringay, but I walked along the Tottenham High Road today and was rather amazed that on such a busy road four days after the snow on Sunday there were still icy pavements between the High Cross pub and the police station.

With all the health and safety rules we have these days, should we not be doing something about this obvious danger?

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why cant we just be responsible for clearing snow from pavement  in front of our houses? Terraced houses means no one has to do a huge amount of shovelling.

This is the councillor dealing with this issue. Cllr Chandwani Seema <seema.chandwani@haringey.gov.uk>

My suggestion was street cleaners distribute grit instead of picking litter

There’s a national shortage of rock salt in the U.K (it’s imported) at the moment so even with more staff they won’t have the supplies

In civilised Belgium, householders and shopkeepers are legally obliged to clear pavements of snow and ice from their frontages, subject to fines of they do not.

Our enforcement services are stretched to the limit as it is, I don't see how this could only work without a massive investment in enforcement. I looked up the system in Canada and it is backed with bylaws, enforcement, clear rules about landlords v homeowners and crucially contingency plans for those who physically cannot do it for themselves. It could take a number of years to get to this position in England. The fact fines exist implies that there are plenty who would not do it unless forced to which is maybe not as civilised as it first seems

I also recall a few years ago, possibly thanks to the media, lots of people got hold of the idea that you could be sued if you cleared a pavement and then someone injured themselves on it. This was nonsense and the government themselves had to put up advice to say as much but the myth still persists and perhaps has stuck in people's minds as a bit of an urban legend. A clear campaign at the beginning of autumn putting people's minds at rest on this and encouraging some civic duty would be useful rather than waiting until its too late and the ice has already turned into a skating rink

Beresford Road N8 has been gritted but the pavement hasn't.

My seventy four year old mum has taken it upon herself to grit the pavement outside of several houses risking life and limb.

Why pay the highest council tax?

On the Facebook page of Haringey Council they have a list of roads that they have gritted which includes Beresford Road N8 but what about the pavement?

I know that they would of gritted the main road but what about the side roads road and pavement.

People have to step on the icy pavement to get in their cars and also people who don't own a car will have to step on the icy pavement to go about their business.

On Beresford Road N8 it is either walk on the icy pavement or walk on the road.

Heaney Haiku for the New Year

Dangerous pavements.

But I face the ice this year

With my father's stick.

SH 1.1.87

Unlike Seamus I did not inherit my father's stick back in Jan '84. To face the double jeopardy of Harringay footways, however, I always walk with two and avoid "downtown Harringay".

The pavements on the top part of Hewitt had a little gritting a few days back -better than nothing. 

Oh well, it should all melt away in a day or two, and I daresay other councils have been as low-key.  That said, rightly or wrongly in the Blackboy Lane affair Haringey showed some true grit, so a pity a bit more of that wasn't in evidence on our pavements this week :)

This is a major issue for disabled and elderly residents, who were in effect confined to their homes for an entire week due to the treacherous conditions on the pavements. Whittington A&E was full of elderly people who had broken their bones from ice falls.

Roads and pavements in Barnet were gritted. Why can't we have roads in Haringey gritted too?

I put up a petition on the Haringey website. 
In retrospect the petition is too geographically limited, as this is a problem right across the borough.
But feel free to sign it.



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