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Worth a read in the light of the ongoing debate on traffic in this area:

"Waze and other traffic dodging apps prompt cities to game the algor..."

"With highways frequently congested, navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze started telling drivers to hop off the freeway at Fremont's Mission Boulevard, cut through residential streets and then hop back on the highway where things were clearer — much to the distress of the people who lived there.

“The commuters didn’t live or work in Fremont and didn’t care about our residential neighborhoods,” said Noe Veloso, Fremont’s principal transportation engineer.

When he contacted the navigation apps, he was told the apps attempt to prevent congestion by distributing traffic on all public streets, even to quiet residential roadways. The only way to stop the drivers was to change the street routing so these shortcuts were no longer that."

Essentially, unless there are physical restrictions on the roads then google maps etc will direct traffic down the fastest route available at that moment...

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My apologies- traffic including cars

They always lie. I have stopped so many over the years and they know the law very well when they think they're in the right: "The sign was knocked down!". The 7.5t HGV sign outside Dogtas by the common never lasts very long when it gets put back up.

So your not interested in one of those really expensive Cycle Super Highway thingies then??
Who said the road had to be for cars? Mind you, widening the passage to a two way CSH would work as well and (if enough cyclists used it) you'd flatten the dogs (and their walkers) who decorate it every morning.
Win win .

I am interested in those Cycle Super Highway thingies although massively less expensive would be to filter Wightman Road to create 1 mile of safe cycling (and another 7-8 miles of cycle-safe Ladder rung roads to access it).

Curious to know how you could widen the Passage - compulsory purchase and then demolition of the abutting houses?




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