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Due to the poorly designed Wightman changes how Many more Road Collision will occur? 

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300? How many cyclists knocked off and how many punctures too?!

I’m guessing fewer than in the previous 12 months.  The traffic moves more slowly and there seems to be less of it 

Agreed with all the above. It’s definitely quieter than before and I haven’t seen (or heard of) any accidents caused by the redesign. 

There was a collision between a car and a bicycle due to a build out about a month ago. 

But otherwise I agree - it's definitely slowed traffic down.

I'm at the top of Lausanne, waiting to turn into Wightman. I'm right up against the stop line. All the vehicles to my right are legally parked in the new bay.

How the hell am I supposed to see if it's safe to come out ?

There used to be a double yellow line before the corner so you could see what's coming but that's gone.

All I can do is edge out and hope.

There was a fairly serious ( expensive ) collision on this corner about a month ago.

You are absolutely right. The council must make changes to make this junction safer. 

The council will undertake a post implementation safety review at the end of the works- I thought that would mean any time soon but given the fact things have stalled mi Wightman I guess it will not happen soon.

In the mean time, if you want to send any concerns to me John I will forward them on to the correct people managing the works so it can be caught in the review. You and I are connected already I believe so I will send you my email address.

John & Others. I am in the process of sending something to our friends in the council. So to you and, others who have highlighted you see problems, but have not yet contacted the council directly, I have offered (above,) for you to send me an outline of your concerns so I and others who are engaging with the council can make officers and Councillors aware of them, and even keep chasing them on your behalf to provide a response/resolution. However, if you don't there is little we can do to help.

So, if you want to make some effort to get things done help those offering to help you.

If you want to continue talking on the internet in the 'somebody must do something' vein from MR G above, feel free- its a great counseling mechanism.

Just copy and paste my post complete with picture. That's what I would do. There's nothing to add.

There is another issue with this junction and a few of the others too, the road is narrower here, so when you can see it’s clear on your right to turn out, you also have to wait for a break in the traffic (give way to) coming from the left before you can turn out safely or risk a very tight squeeze!

Not the only one unfortunately - many of the up roads have equally risky exits.



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