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I've not been 100% engaged in the council shenanigans re Hornsey Town Hall, but it seems that this wonderful building will be turned into a boutique hotel.

Hardly seems the best community use for this valuable space!

A "bright future" for the community doesn't seem that likely.


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The piece you linked to makes it clear, that it is not just going to be a hotel:

FEC has proposed a scheme combining community space in the historically significant parts of the Town Hall, a boutique hotel in the east and west wings of the building and cafe/restaurants at ground floor levels.  These uses along with new homes mostly concentrated on the land at the rear of the Town Hall, will guarantee Hornsey Town Hall’s future.

Quoting from Haringey's article: "If Haringey’s Cabinet gives approval, FEC and CoPlan will start working up more detailed plans for the building and start detailed discussions about the community space and arts provision."

So these plans won't be finalised until after the preferred bidder has got the deal. Effectively, there is no guarantee that there will be continued community use beyond two commercial food outlets. So all the wonderful arts users could well be kicked out.

And there is naff all social housing, despite barron land being redeveloped at the rear of the town hall: "The preferred bidder intends to use the existing planning consent for the site which includes four [social] residential units.  Any increase in the amount of affordable housing within the scheme will impact on the viability of the project."

So, a coup for the money makers, but apparently not for the community.

See primary discussion here.



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