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Could anyone here explain any possible reason for Hornsey library on Haringey park, crouch end NOT to have a website ?

I live on the next street.

it's a very elegant early 60's building with a rich history that has had a multi-million pound refurbishment this year. I hope the reason is pragmatic and innocent but i'm just wondering. It's a mystery to me seeing as it is the ONLY establishment in Crouch end that does not have a website to visit and say, have a 'virtual walk through' type thing and boast about it's cultural ties with say, hornsey art college, maybe some historic photos etc.

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Information is hosted within the Haringey council site - I suppose because it shares systems like the catalogue and reservation system with all the other Haringey library sites so it makes it easier to update and maintain them rather than have 10 separate sites.  Seems to be common practice.




Sounds like a job for a film maker.

Hi, as Michael says, all the info for libraries is housed on the Haringey Council website.

At Stroud Green and Harringay we have a Facebook page but that is run by the Friends group and isn't monitored or updated by the library staff. Unfortunately, librarians have very little time (and there's not enough of them) to keep the existing website on the council one doing much more than keeping people informed about services and events.

If there is a Friends of Hornsey Library they may have an online presence, although a quick google suggests not. As I know from being one of the admins of SG&H even a Facebook page takes time to keep maintained so if there's no one doing it, there's clearly a gap in the market! 

thank you for your replies, very helpful. was at sg&h library today talking to the surveyor. what a beautiful building.

It is Jim.  I was lucky enough to start my working life at Swiss Cottage library, designed by Basil Spence

No moving pictures sorry, but there's an extended illustrated write-up of the recent renovations in the RIBA Journal here

In similar vein, here's the project page by the architects who designed the renovations - there are 13 images to scroll through at the top of the page.



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