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This is a tricky forum post for me... I am a compassionate person (or at least I'd like to think so) but I do not want to have to encounter this supposedly homeless petson's little encampment on my journey to and from work every day. I suspect they are what I describe as "professional beggars". The little tin with a teddy and loose change are presumably there to encourage "donations" even when they are not physically there. I reported my concerns to the Council and whereas when I reported dumped rubbish or other routine issues, I got an almost instant acknowledgement I've yet to hear anything back from them. As far as I'm concerned, the Council should be putting him in appropriate temporary accommodation or, if he is indeed a professional beggar, moving him on.

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There is a woman with him that buys and takes drugs in the alleyway behind Barclays. The size of her eyes when she comes back to beneath the bridge are scary!

This is a very difficult situation and Street Link are aware of the people sleeping rough. There are limited things that can be done for people in the unfortunate position of being homeless. Sadly Street link are not in a position to assist here. The rough sleepers around Harringay are very fortunate in some ways  that there are many caring local residents that give them food, so don't be surprised if they decline an offer of food. But homeless people also need money to be able to do other things apart from eat. They need clothes etc maybe if you offered to buy them some socks or if there is something else they may need your offer of help may be taken up. They also need money for bus journeys. They do go to the job centre in Tottenham and it is one hell of a walk from Harringay sometimes they are expected to go several days on the trot.

So when you make comments that money is only for drugs, alcohol and cigarrettes have another think about what money may be needed for.

I haven't said that the money is only for drugs etc. With the upmost respect, please do not misqoute me.

I never said it was "only" for drugs... I've bought phonecards for people, bought food, put change in launderette machines, I've even washed and dried someone's bedding when someone pissed on them while they were sleeping but I won't fund drugs and whatever way you cut it if you put cash in the hands of a drug abuser that is what you are doing
Nobody's arguing that provisions aren't better than cash - wIjust question your original assertion that it's a lifestyle choice and that their presence is offensive rather than worthy of concern and humility.

If anyone is interested in the facts around homelessness and health there is a very good (and very easy to read) report here. It has case studies of several charities who are doing amazing work to support people to access health care and get their lives back on track.  Most of those charities would be very happy to receive donations/offers of health/concerned members of the public prodding Haringey council to ask why the great work they do isn't being funded in our borough.

That's no way to talk about my children.

Thank you, Jessica, for a voice of reason. 

Both you Jessica are entirely justified in objecting to people harassing and abusing you for not giving them money.  That is upsetting and a public nuisance.  However let me refer AGAIN to your original post when you say you  "do not want to have to encounter this supposedly homeless person's little encampment on my journey to and from work every day" EVEN WHEN THE PERSON ISN'T THERE.  This is not harassment on their part, it is a display of intolerance and LACK of compassion on yours, especially given that you just presume they're not really homeless, when there is SO much evidence to the contrary.

And to add to Edie's comment. Why can't homeless people walk happily around Stoke Newington and Wood Green carrying bags of shopping? Would you rather them be rooted to the spot spoiling your amble up Green Lanes?

A good begging spot and a good day can provide a pretty decent income, I've heard of people managing to get £100+ when conditions have been favourable.

Isn't that called the House of Lords Cat?



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