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This is a tricky forum post for me... I am a compassionate person (or at least I'd like to think so) but I do not want to have to encounter this supposedly homeless petson's little encampment on my journey to and from work every day. I suspect they are what I describe as "professional beggars". The little tin with a teddy and loose change are presumably there to encourage "donations" even when they are not physically there. I reported my concerns to the Council and whereas when I reported dumped rubbish or other routine issues, I got an almost instant acknowledgement I've yet to hear anything back from them. As far as I'm concerned, the Council should be putting him in appropriate temporary accommodation or, if he is indeed a professional beggar, moving him on.

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Doesn't sound a lot like 'choice' to me, Antoinette. 

It's a choice between a rock and a hard place

Chere Marie Antoinette,

Let the bugger eat cake. And surely there are several of McDonalds' and #hashtag's bulging bins and bags in his near vicinity?  I understand your overweening compassion and how it is strangling and constipating your admirable spasms of conscience. Know clearly, however, to whom you should attach the blame. I, too, spent a good hour of my valuable time this afternoon spellbound by one of what you describe as "professional beggars". This grey-beard loon transfixed me like some ancient mariner, to tell me a tall tale about when he served as some sort of councillor or counsellor for Harringay, but now it seems he has fallen upon hard times and is doomed to spend the next five or ten years as King of the Homeless Beggars. I've often caught sight of him scavenging the streets of Harringay and North Islington for more than thirty years, so he's well practised in the dark arts of the scavenging crow (corvus corbus corone). Expect an upsurge of what you call "supposedly homeless petson's" and their squalid encampments swarming along our footways and impeding our progress. You and I, Your Majesty, know that they would never have noticed their homelessness or their state of amateur or professional beggary had it not been for the bearded prophecies of this doleful Jeremiah, Corvus Corbus. Hang him, I say. 

androulla, if you have a pension it is also 'gambled' on the share market, probably at similar odds to a bet at William Hill. The guy outside Maqsood Newsagents is merely following the capitalist dream :)

Gambling is a very real and serious addiction - over the years I have worked with many people who have become homeless because of gambling. If you are addicted to gambling then the idea that the you could turn the pound given to you to buy a coffee into £10,000 by buying is scratch card is understandably seductive. Addiction is a terrible soul destroying horrific thing. Good homelessness services support people to overcome addiction, they are facing severe cuts. Obviously people do feel compassion & do want to help so maybe consider volunteering or fundraising for a local homeless service?

Absolutely agree.

And providing funds to fuel their addiction doesn't help cure it - it only perpetuates the problem...same with booze and drugs

Admittedly, the person at the station has never asked me for change. It's the hoards of people during my walk from Manor House to my place that annoy me. Always the same people asking for change just to place a bet. Haringey Green Lanes never used to be like this before the bookies opened all over the place.

I have been living on Green Lanes for almost ten years now, and I don't remember seeing so many people begging and sleeping rough between Harringay overground station and the Salisbury pub.

Mainly three spots seem to be occupied day in/day out: under the bridge, in front of Barclays and in front of Iceland. I guess none of the other businesses would let people set camp outside their premises.

There seems to be a steady rotation of different beggars in front of Barclays, whereas the man in front of Iceland is always the same. As for the bridge, it was a couple for a while and now a man on his own.

Also there is a man on the bench outside the Tesco express who's always pestering passer-bys for change, and there has been a little makeshift box that someone sleeps in just before the Finsbury pub near Manor House station.

I know that Hackney council has recently decided to get heavy handed on rough sleepers, so that might partly explain their increased numbers in Harringay. 

This is a bad situation for the people involved obviously, but it's not great either for local businesses and residents, as it gives the area quite a run-down feel (that our local bookies are happy to contribute to).

Not sure what the answer to this problem is, but local authorities surely do not seem to be doing much about it...

What would Haringey Council do which it is not doing, Chris?

Though of course the usual mantra: there's-no-money, is beginning to look more threadbare all the time.  But I'm a fair person. Even though they generate a constant stream of propaganda, I'm prepared to be persuaded that this time the Haringey spokesperson has got things right. Anyone know?  (I mean someone with access to independent information.)

Haringey hands £15m from the sale of council homes back to the gove...

When I first read this story Alan I had an intake of breath too. But then I read further, to be able to spend it under the government's rules, the £15m had to be matched with at least another £30m to allow it to be spent on housing (the receipts from council house sales can only make up a maximum 30% of the spending). I doubt if Haringey are the only council to be in a position where they've handed back money.

I don't know, what do the other councils do? Going around London, I do not see the same situation everywhere.

The council had apparently quite a bit to spend on a new logo and website, and it is making a fortune from their cctv cameras recording road offences all over the borough, renting out Finsbury park for all sorts of events and selling off sizeable chunks of public land, as they're about to do with St Ann's grounds, so I doubt they're short of a bob or two... 



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