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This is a tricky forum post for me... I am a compassionate person (or at least I'd like to think so) but I do not want to have to encounter this supposedly homeless petson's little encampment on my journey to and from work every day. I suspect they are what I describe as "professional beggars". The little tin with a teddy and loose change are presumably there to encourage "donations" even when they are not physically there. I reported my concerns to the Council and whereas when I reported dumped rubbish or other routine issues, I got an almost instant acknowledgement I've yet to hear anything back from them. As far as I'm concerned, the Council should be putting him in appropriate temporary accommodation or, if he is indeed a professional beggar, moving him on.

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Sadly that's true John

Which is why the link to the larger size on Flickr has a map location and a link to Google Street View.

Attractive isn't it
It's horrible and I would imagine pretty vile living in it.

I wonder where he goes to hang out when he's not there? Is there somewhere for him and other homeless people to wash, get a decent meal etc? I suppose I should ask him himself. 

There's listings for  day centres/drop ins here and  soup kitchens here.  There's not much locally to us though.  There's much better provision in Westminster and Camden but services getting funding of any kind from their local councils tend to be forced to be quite strict about only working with people who are bedding down in that borough otherwise they risk having their funding withdrawn.  Soup runs and church shelters can be much more flexible but won't have the resources to offer support around addictions, mental health, benefits etc.  Some people on here might be interested in this  - top ten tips for survival for people sleeping rough. 

A number of churches in the borough offer a night shelter service during December and March, with a roof for the night and a hot meal. The CofE church in Tottenham Lane is one of the churches involved.

They do indeed.

December TO March BTW

They also have social workers present each evening doing their best to get homeless guests into permanent accommodation: most years something like 80% are found housing.

Many of the local shelters operate on a seasonal basis and are more likely to be open in winter, so this could explain higher instances of visible homelessness in the summer and during the rest of the year. Winter can mean only 2 or 3 months in this context - I think the local shelter to me is now not opening until January in fact. 

I couldn't help but notice many of the bags in the photo have now gone. The bed and wheel trolley are still there but all the big suitcases are gone.....



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