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for the third time in the last few months an HGV has become stuck at the top of Warham Road and for the third time it has been left to locals to sort out the chaos. This time the vehicle was across both Warham and Wightman for an hour.  I’ve written to ward councillors again asking for action to be taken but frankly I’m ******* sick of it.

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Still there...

8:40pm and the police have had to close Warham Road and partially close Green Lanes while the HGV reverses our along the entire length of the street.

I got stuck behind it briefly last night. Absolutely priceless, it was enormous. Bigger than your usual HGV, and one of these things that normally has a massive earth mover on the back, or a tank! So big it has steerable rear wheels. How he needed up there is a mystery. 

That said, if he was going west, he was stuffed any which way, as there was no way he can turn left onto Green lanes from Salisbury Road, or to get round Colina Mews to go right onto Green Lanes. The difficulty here is that there is no one single, well designed junction with St Ann's onto Green Lanes, instead, we have three (three) separate half measures. For me this is simple. Make that junction at the Salisbury a single entry/exit into and out of St Ann's, and shut the rest.

Justin (sorry can’t reply in a thread). There is a sign at the junction of Warham and Green Lanes prohibiting HGVs.  The problem is that it’s directly behind a pedestrian crossing light, so next to impossible to see when approaching from Salisbury Road.   Cllr James raised the problem with HGVs as an urgent matter with Highways back at the start of August and Cllr Brabazon raised it once more after last night’s incident.

Ok. I thought they had said it was dealt with. Either way there is no way he was doing anything other going in a straight line with that rig!

Another one tonight! This time a coach - destination - Watford!! My car was written of by the incident in June when the truck reversed into it when parked at the top of Warham Road.

Satnavs regularly send large vehicles up Warham road only to get trapped at the top when trying to turn onto Wightman. Harringey Council should ensure that the road is properly labelled as not suitable for large vehicles on satnav maps or better sign posted at the lights at the bottom.




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