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Many of us have once again been experiencing Royal Mail delivery issues. After long periods with no deliveries, some people have even been trekking over to the Tufnell Park delivery office to try and retrieve lost mail.

With an ever-increasing number of complainants about the issue, David Lammy's office have now decided to try and get the issue addressed.

They have issued a request, asking residents to supply as much detail as possible about the mail delivery problems they have been experiencing.

Email David Lammy's team at casework@davidlammy.co.uk.

Please provide:

  • Your address and post code
  • Your name
  • a brief account of the postal service recently received (eg intervals between deliveries, any known long delays

Use  ‘Royal Mail on the Ladder’ as the subject  line.

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I've just sent Michael Hogg a very long email, citing plenty of examples of missing/delayed items, and asking what the Royal Mail will do (a) to rectify this and (b) try to avoid it happening again.

I'll let you know his response (hopefully by email, rather than by letter - that way I should actually receive it)

Just had a phone call from Homerton Hospital asking why I hadn’t turned by for my 10:30 radiology appointment this morning.  Their records show my appointment letter was sent 10 days ago.  This is an exact rerun of the bloody disaster at this sorting office last year when I had to ring up the Homerton and Barts once a week to find out if they had booked appointments for me as post wasn’t arriving.  It’s not just Christmas presents that aren’t turning up.

I've had one delivery in 2 weeks in Hornsey, it's messed up my mortgage application. To top it off I just went to the Priority Postbox on Hornsey High Street, and it looks like they're not collecting regularly either, there was no space to post letters in it. 

I was going to post cards in the one on the corner of Chesterfield Gardens last week.  It was so full I could actually put my hand in and pull out letters (I didn’t and I didn’t)

Guessing everyone in the N4 area is still enjoying receiving sod all in the post, as I am? We are missing post from early December and I’m bloody sick of it now.

For what it's worth, we have pretty normal deliveries in N8 

Maybe some parts of N8, but certainly not where I live. Still waiting for items posted at the start of December. My neighbours suffering similarly.

OK, sorry. North end of Wightman Rd.

We got some Christmas cards a couple of days ago - N4

Update from Catherine West MP following her visit to the sorting office yesterday (11 January)


Three parcels arrived today that were all posted on November 30th.  All Christmas presents, so I had to buy alternatives, which means I'm out of pocket, or I return them and the small businesses I bought from are left out of pocket.  Risdiculous.

I’m still waiting for two CDs I know were despatched in November and am getting texts from the Homerton Hospital reminding me of appointments I haven’t had letters for.



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