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Following on from the 2015 study, here are the results from this year's study comparing the NO2 levels around Harringay last year when Wightman Rd was open to the same period this year while it is closed.

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Surprisingly cheap, hopefully the living wightman group could pick this up, as I expect it's likely to get more traction as it allows residents to still use their cars while reduce the amount of traffic.

I agree it seems relatively cheap and seems more practical than some other proposals and might get more traction because it allows people to still use their cars.

What I'd like to see is rather than just a single group like Living Wightman pushing their idea is to get together a list of possible solutions and socialise them with _everyone_ to find something that would work and get buy in from all the big and small groups and individuals in the study area. And we should do it not just wait for the council to propose/do something as we know better what would be good. I imagine it was the Gardens residents that proposed their bollards to the council not the other way around.

For example, even with just suggesting this here JulieB has commented on the other thread that if the Ladder bollards work like the Gardens ones it wouldn't help her as she wouldn't get access - so lets just change it so she does -  Joe worked out that there were over 200K using Wightman before the closure and from the after counts we see its down to just 50K using the rung roads now so we know there is plenty of room to widen access for a few more locals if it would help get their support and still keeping the Ladder relatively free of through traffic.

To be honest, the small difference that other people in adding some additional people to the area that have access wouldn't make a massive difference.  If it get's more local support it would certainly be worth it.

If it get some time I'll stick another thread up to discuss these points and see what other issues is in doing this that hasn't been foreseen!

Just a minor point - the average on the Gardens is 4711 if you exclude the shorter, non residential roads like Devon Gardens.

I did witness a lot of people going up Lausanne Rd and then indicating right (douh!) for the first couple of months but then it seemed to die off. You could almost tell they were going to do that from the speed that they were doing. But then the only road that you can go back down from there is Frobisher which makes sense as they line up:

Lausanne         7411     4750        36%
Frobisher       13352      4779       64% 

So if this is only local access by people on that bit of Wightman and Frobisher/Lausanne then where are 4750 journeys a week coming from? Certainly not from local traffic, I'd say half of it "could" be the church. If we're looking at commuters then that implies that there are nearly 300 people a day in those two roads that drive to work. More if you say that the church is not responsible for 2000 trips. According to Streetview ther roads are about half full of cars in the middle of the day with approximately 60 vehicles parked. So 120 (both roads) journeys 5 times a week is 600. I'm still missing another 4150 and it can't be the church and weekend traffic. What gives?

The traffic counts are in 15 minute intervals for a week so you can get some idea of the busy periods plotting those on a line graph. Here is Frobisher:

That orange Sunday line does look significantly higher than the other days.

I think that red spike is chucking out time at the church. You'd expect to see a similar spike an hour or two earlier on Lausanne as people arrive, except I understand the Greek Orthodox folk are quite relaxed about start times so it's probably much flatter.

John - Duckett makes arithmetic sense when you look at the roadblock layout - Duckett is the downroad for both Mattison and Cavendish.

Similarly, Pemberton is the downroad for both Seymour and Warham.

Incidentally I wouldn't be surprised if Warham is still getting 1000+ vehicles per week who don't read the signs and don't know or forgot there is no route along Wightman.

Douh for me then. OK, makes sense. Still, I think a huge proportion of the trips are still mistakes. It just shows how people leave their minds behind when they get behind the wheel of a car.

Blame out-of-date satnavs too.

Pemberton could be school traffic, and we go there for swimming lessons which happen every week day afternoon (during term time). The swimming lessons are really great and very popular and I meet lots of families from Stroud Green and Crouch End that go there as well as local children.

Although last term was very quite, at least on the day we went, people struggled to get there on time and gave up after a few weeks.

The followup study was done in the school holidays.



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