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Has anyone received a letter from LBH re the Wightman Road closure?

I still haven't (not that I need one for obvious reasons). And also I saw that the details have been posted for the first time on the LBH website today.

This is very poor communication imo. Almost a whole 2 days late.

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I agree. I contacted Haringey about if before Easter and got a reply saying that it was because the wording had to be gone through with a fine toothed comb due to purdah (the period running up to an election when local authorities cannot be seen as publishing anything that might be seen as promoting or supporting a political stance)

You do wonder what could possibly be contentious about a road closure for which the planning started two years ago. 

It's common paranoia about anything going out with a wide circulation during purdah Gordon. You'd be amazed how many people out there nit pick for anything they think might be a bit iffy and report it.
I used to work in local government (not Haringey) and I'm sure my post it notes were scrutinised in the run up to an election.
Nope. However they probably tried to deliver them by driving and are still stuck in the traffic disaster!

Still nothing here.

Michael, but not publishing anything hasn't exactly stopped people complaining either!

I completely agree

It arrived today!

Mine too
Yes mine finally arrived today... I got so animated that my son accidentally dropped the dozen eggs he was carrying into the house at the time....wish I could send the Council a bill to clean my hall carpet!



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