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Harringay, Green Lanes Station Usage Soars by More than 3,000%

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Statistics published by the Office of Rail and Road show that the number of people using Harringay, Green Lanes Station has soared by more than 3,000% over the past decade.

The Office of Rail and Road publish annual estimates of the total numbers of people entering, exiting and changing at each station in Great Britain. Data for Harringay, Green Lanes station shows that in 2005-06 just 34,000 were using the station each year. By 2013-14 the number had soared to 1.2 million. That's a startling increase.

Over the same period numbers using Harringay Station have increased fourfold from 317,815 to 1,185,490. Hornsey has largely followed suit showing an increase from 381,659 to 1,237,698.


Data at Office of Road and Rail

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400% or 4000%, I make it the latter, so even more outstanding. Back in 2005 it was still neglected by Silverlink, and London Overground from 2007 onward has been the making of it.

Oops - trying to do too many things again. Thanks for the correction. I've edited the post.

Is that because the secrets out that you can get to the sea side in an hour :)

Whoops - 3005% coming up now!

What beach does it take you to ?

Sarfend, if you change at Barking.

Ta, will try it sometime.

Ah, I've been trying to keep Leigh on Sea and Chalkwell a secret! I love going there, a nice walk along the front and a bit of beach, when tide is in, a good swim to be had. It's so convenient from HGL. 

If you are old enough, the Freedom Pass takes you to Upminster.  So you save £6 on the fare (off-peak return).  Add in a railcard 1/3 off, it's £6.35 for your day's paddling.

That explains the chronic overcrowding.
In 2013 George Osborne promised the electrification of the line and new, 4 carriage trains. This has now been put on hold until 2017. Anyone who uses the line during the peak period will know that you're elbow to nose at Harringay, Green Lanes, that's if you can get on. This is one of the few ways to travel East/west across North and East London, serves many areas without a tube station and gives access to the overground systems down to Clapham Junction and Stratford. It's insanity that improvements haven't been brought forward.
It's a great way to get to the seaside, that's true, but for the bulk of commuters it's how they get to work.

Wood Green tube at 9.15 am is quite a pleasure. ;)
Great if you live in Wood Green FPR. Most of the population of North and East London don't.



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