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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Notices have gone up stating that the station footbridge will be closed due to major works from 6am on Saturday 'till 4am on Monday.

I'm not sure when these notices went up I only saw them today.  The notices are quite small and badly positioned so they are easily missed.  

A lot of people are going to be caught out by this, imagine coming up from Green Lanes with a heavy shopping bag only to discover that one has to trek down Wightman, Endymion, Oakfield and Stapleton Hall Roads.  Network Rail could at least have laid on buses.  Also tough if you are planning to catch a train

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Indeed Konrad, a pathetically placed and (un)punctuated notice. Any advance on the two misspellings that hit me?

And why the anonymity?  Is it because the notice what I wrote has embarrassed even its author?

I always wonder about the grievous misuse of the adjective 'alternative'. If a bridge is closed, no other bridge or roundabout can be its alternative.

The Pedant's Revolt 

Back in October when Network Rail first informed people that there was going to be work on the station, I wrote to NR and pointed out that the closure of the footbridge would greatly inconvenience many people.

In reply I was informed: 

Thank you for contacting us to let us know your concerns about the works going ahead at Harringay Station.
I've sent your request over to the teams carrying out the works, who have advised that they are not going to close the bridge, and the majority of the works going ahead are going to be on the platforms.
The team also advised that they will add extra measures for the safety of pedestrians, such as a traffic warden, barriers, and signs.
I hope this response is helpful, and reassuring for you. Thanks again for taking the time to get in touch with us about the works at Harringay Station.
Kind regards, 
Leah Curcher
Contact and Communities Team
Network Rail
So the question now is what has changed to make closure a necessity?  Perhaps the bridge is about to collapse onto the East Coast mainline?

Just had a look at National Rail Enquiries regarding travel to Finsbury Park.

If you are on the Green Lanes side of the bridge the alternative route is walk down to Harringay Green Lanes station, take a train to Blackhorse Road, then take the Victoria Line to FP.  This journey will only take you 42 minutes compared with 2 minutes normally.

If you are on the Stapleton Hall Road, you will have to walk to FP

Going to FP from Green lanes side you can take 29. Some other journeys you can get the W5. But this bridge closure will cause a lot of problems. 

It would be nice if they changed the gradient. It's not safe to get a wheelchair up at all. It means wheelchair users have to detour down Wightman and up Oakfield to get to the same place non-disabled people can—a good 20-minute detour due to poor design. 

People are complaining about having to do this for a few days. This is a wheelchair users' daily reality at the moment. Disclusion by design. I'm more often disabled by poor design and people's attitudes than by my health. 

Well said Park. I have difficulty walking: stairs and gradients are a particular problem and I cannot access either Hornsey or Harringay stations from the Green Lanes side. It can be a long old walk home after a tiring day out. Like you, I am designed out and it makes my world so much smaller. 

That gradient is horrendous and I'm able-bodied. Especially when slippy though there's usually stuff put down. I always hang onto the rail, many people do. I can't imagine getting up and down there in a wheelchair, it needs addressing. I hate that bridge but it's a quick route when walking to Crouch End or over to Parkland Walk etc. 

Blimey, I used the station twice on Friday and didn’t notice the sign (which isn’t even branded Network Rail). Thanks for highlighting this Konrad.

There are no trains this weekend, so the power to the overhead wires is off and they can safely part-demolish the booking office - told to me by one of the 'orange army'. 

Trains from Scotland and the north east are terminating at Peterborough plus a rail replacement service between Alexandra Palace and Hertford North/Stevenage.  Sounds like a weekend of fun.

They have basically removed all the building on top of the bridge, apart from a bit for the ticket machine. They have made the entrance to the southbound platform a lot wider, but it all looks rather temporary at the moment.

- see attached photo taken last night

Hopefully they plan to do more work to improve it....

They should install a lift to the platforms. Too little of the network is accessible. 



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