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A few weeks ago, Liz, Hugh, Adam and I carried out an audit of Harringay Passage with Chris Barker from Haringey Safer Streets.  It only took a couple of hours but we managed to pick a lot of things up and compiled the attached report .

The report has gone to Michael McNicholas, Tony Chapman and Michael Sanderson at Haringey and to our ward members and Nilgun Canver as Cabinet Member for Environment asking for a site meeting asap on how to take it forward.

This is really the start of the process and we want Haringey to look at how they can plan improvements by involving everyone who lives near or uses the Passage.

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Very interesting and comprehensive. I would however be upset to see the removal of sections of paving/ York stone, I would love to see the whole passage paved but I don't think this will happen so its more likely that if the passage is refurbished along its length it will be concreted. Its one of the lifes little pleasures to walk along the paved sections of the passage on a dark rainy day and see them glisten.

Thanks all for doing this and taking actions forward, is a very thorough audit. In terms of our beloved dog poo....if I read this right, your recommendation is to remove both the signs asking people to clear up dog mess, and the bins to allow them to do so? Whilst I completely agree that face high poo bins are ridiculous and need sorting, I'd be worried that the combination of the two proposed measures might result in a worsening of the poo problem? Agree with your proposal for litter bins at all road/passage junctions, but do we not feel that some form of signage warning against dog fouling/raising awareness of the bins that people should use etc would be a help? We could get some local school kids to design some anti dog poo signs that are a bit more eye-catching... On the walls outside chestnuts school, there are some really good signs asking people not to park outside the school, which the kids have drawn and definitely catch the eye and make you think a little more about what it's saying than say, a 'standard official' sign with a warning on it..

Apologies if I've misinterpreted the point on that... Good to know what others think on that

At what point are unsightly rubbish bins and poorly maintained signs actually vandalism/garbage in themselves?

In the last comprehensive audit lead by resident Paul McKay about 6 years ago the result was resurfacing as necessary to the passage. Sections of it were re-tarmaced and it was felt sensible to keep flagstone in place.

The children of NHP and South Harringay designed signs for the dog poo bins and they are still there I believe.

This is excellent. As a Harringay/Haringey pedant I think it's only fair to point out that the passage appears to have never had a consistent spelling and it's sort of cool to leave it that way.

Whilst I think the glass and razor wire is unsightly, apparently living alongside the passage can be very interesting and I sympathise with the tasteless peasants who protect their property in this way.

I think you missed a few Satellite dishes which poke out into the passage, not necessarily still connected to anything.

I'm a bit confused as to why the dog waste bins should be removed? I have a feeling that might make things worse. Did I miss something in the report and these bins are being replaced with ones at a better height?

The audit only reflects views from the four of us who carried it out and we want any changes to be the subject of a proper consultation with residents and users.

On the dog poo bins we thought that a litter bin at each junction could serve the same purpose (perhaps bins that were obvious for both uses). Some of the ones in the Passage, especially in narrow parts, are literally in your face. Putting them higher would make them difficult to use. On the actual signs, do they make people clear up or do those who do clear up the mess do so without the need for a sign? Dunno.

I'm with Maggie on the York stone paving. I'd want to see it retained. What I'd want to see is the Tarmac gone and a surface that makes it look like a street rather than an alleyway. To be realistic though, York stone is very expensive so the compromise might be to take up the Tarmac and replace with concrete sets, while leaving the York stone be.

As a known Harringay/Haringey pedant, I surprised people on the day by stating the exact same thing, John. (Although, I dont recall using cool as my rationale

It's Fairland Park, not Fairfield's Park.


Sorry Angela, my fault (damn you IPad predictive spelling!)

I recently received an email from Michael McNicholas saying that after consultation, they have agreed to sweep (dog poo, etc) from Haringey Passage 7 days a week.  My concern was that it should be swept before the school run so the kids in North & South Harngey schools/ nursery don't have to step into the poo and take it into the schools and homes etc, as well as the mothers wheeling over it in their buggies.

I have asked Mr McNicholas if it will be swept around 8am but havent received a response from him yet.

I will keep you all posted.

I missed the walkabout unfortunately, what I was hoping to suggest was that the Passage be given greater prominence where it crosses the Ladder roads. Cars should stop for pedestrians, not the other way around. More speed tables like the one on pv error Road could be added so that people walking don't have to navigate the barriers/bollards/planters at each junction. This would make the Passage more widely used and the more usage it gets the less likely it will be used in an antisocial way.



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