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Here's the latest update for the works on Green Lanes:

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Is the intention that the raised sections at the bottom of each road will be left as they are, i.e. a raised section of tarmac, or will they be covered with something to differentiate them from the general road surface?

Yes, It looks terrible!

Don't worry, they're painting them different colours of the rainbow. Should look good.

They do look a bit daggy. Block paving like they've used for the new speedtables in the Gardens might have looked better.

I see they're putting street markings on them now so clearly just to be left as black tarmac.

A shame as it makes the new humps pretty pointless. The slope is too gradual to slow cars and as there is no differentiation between them and the carriageway they'll just be treated as another part of the road for cars to bomb along rather than something with pedestrian priority..

Given how car-centric the initial plan was though, and the Green Lanes area in general, it's hardly surprising.

They're staying as tarmac i'm afraid because they've just started to put the road markings on them.

I thought they were going to put proper paved sections across each road head.

But i suppose we've got to remember that the improvements were to benefit traders and obviously the residents don't matter so much. You only have to look at the state of the pavement on the trading sections - perfect up to when the houses start. then they become a cracked and crumbling mess on the residents streets.

Also Green Lanes gets litter picked twice a day. The residents streets where all the litter from the shops gets blown down? Twice a week if we're lucky!

Yes there are lots of the road heads left uncompleted and messy and on the construction update it's marked as 'completed'. Does anyone know if these bits are going to be done properly?

My friends staying from Germany are laughing their heads off over the ugliness and mess on Green Lanes. They were here 6 months ago and laughed then too. They expected the work finished by now so they could admire it but no luck.

You've been to new York? Chicago? Just travel to Highgate if you want to see top class pavements (or Effingham Rd actually).

Very true about New York, which I recently visited for the first time. With all the potholes and broken pavements I thought they'd put on a special welcome for a visiting Lib Dem 

And a promised blitz on pot holes was the lead story on the local TV news...!



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