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in the week that the dizzying revolving door of the Haringey Labour party saw the recently sacked Zena Brabazon elected as deputy leader, another Harringay councillor was shown the exit.

Cllr Barbara Blake, who represents Seven Sisters ward (which included Hermitage road and othres nearby), was expelled from Labour after retweeting Twitter posts made by ChangeUK MPs and European parliamentary candidates.

Cllr Blake was found to have broken Labour Party rules, which prevent members from endorsing other political organisations.

She will now serve as an independent councillor.

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This is both useful to know and sad to hear as I voted for her election a year or so ago.

Why is it sad?

Being kicked out of a Pro Brexit party? That is a good thing.

Corbyn is  such a disappointment?

Well, being an elected member whilst promoting another political party is a tad naughty, whichever party you may belong to, wouldn’t you think?  I wasn’t a Blair supporter but certainly wouldn’t have stuck LibDem election posters in my window back in the day. 

Yes I agree.

I was contesting the sadness about being kicked out  of a party, the leadership of which doesn't quite know where it wants to take this country and whose leader doesn't want to defend party policy. With catastrophic results in the elections....or maybe not.

we'll see on Sunday evening.

Good for her.

Labour under Corbyn are a pro-Brexit party. Many of us lifelong Labour voters are voting for Remain parties now.




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