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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Harringay claims 2 slots in Londonist's 'Top 10 things to do in Haringey' (But Queens pips Salisbury)

In the Londonist's 'Top 10 Things To Do In The Borough Of Haringey, Harringay was included with Best Shop, the Salisbury Road based (and Gourmet Britain listed) shop, Andreas Michli & Sons, Salisbury Road.

The Best Church vote went to St John The Baptist, Wightman Road.

But the Queen's, Crouch End, pipped our own Salisbury at the post.

Odd choices or good calls?

See the full article here.

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Boo! The Salisbury is miles better than the Queen's.

I'm guessing the church is because of the stunning interior as photographed by HOL on Flickr

Also my video interview with the artist linked to above shot at the same time.
Totally agree about The Salisbury vs. the Queen's
I think 'unloved' for Markfield Park is a bit harsh. It's got a fab cafe and is right on the river. Lots of work has been done on it recently too - cue shameless plug for old blog post
Don't know about the church but much prefer the Salisbury in terms of interior design and ambience.  I haven't been to the Andreas Michli but now I will this weekend.  What a fantastic shop front - I hope it's listed!

In place of their suggestion of 'suicide bridge' as best view, I would offer the view from Mountview Road accross the covered reservoir. The contrast of this patch of green with the skyscapers of London in the distance is great. I had the idea of enhancing this further by converting the plain green sward to a wildflower meadow and suggested this as an idea to Thames Water who own the site, but alas they rejected the proposal. Something to do with the engineers detecting leaks through changes in the colour of the grass!

I supose it is easier to deal with a contractor to just come in and cut the grass rather than engage with a community group, although it does tend to contradict the community involvement and environmental responsibility guff on TW's website.


Personally I prefer the Queens but that is influenced by the fact it is more local to me. They are both great pubs however.

Yes, definately the best view - especially at 6.30am on a sunny day as the light catches the buildings. Lovely again at 8pm when I'm coming back the other way (long working day, me?), although possibly just pipped by coming down Crouch Hill, just before turning left into Mount View Road. Makes my day!

Yes - I totally agree.  Shame about the wild flowers!  They would be lovely.  They don't want to allow the public in, even responsible people like wild flower planters - think it is something to do with dogs peeing on the grass and it leaking into the water - perish the thought!

Diyarbakir restaurant on Green Lanes near the bridge should have been number one for me.  Hands down the best Kebab in London.  And yes I've tried them all!


The DB is a bit of a locals' secret - sort of glad it's still under the radar.

The Londonist couldn't possibly have a covert Hellenophile bias, could it?



The DIYarbikir's a great name for a restaurant - but we could stay at home in our own kitchens if that's the deal.

Great! Will definitely visit both...



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