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Haringey named as London Borough with Slowest Rate of Covid Spread

As much as I have a love-hate relationship with spurious statistics, it was good to read that Haringey tops the list for a good reason - at least!

According to a report on the soaraway My London webiste, NHS stats show that Haringey has the slowest rate of covid spread in London.

The data is taken from NHS England's figures and show the number of new cases between May 13 to May 26.

  • Richmond upon Thames - 10 new cases
  • Haringey - 13
  • Newham - 13
  • Hillingdon - 13
  • Kingston upon Thames - 15
  • Southwark - 15
  • Islington - 16
  • Hackney - 17
  • Enfield - 18

I'm very cautious about anything on My London because their normal practice is to grab a bit of data and find a way of mangling it into a web-grabbing headline. But, whilst I haven't checked the data, this looks kosher.

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Hmm, I've been aware for some time from the coronavirus.data.gov.uk site that Haringey has one of the lowest infection rates (ie cases per 100,000) in London.  Checking it now I see that only Islington and Richmond have a lower rate.  But I am also aware that none of these 3 boroughs have a hospital within their borders.  This just makes me an itsy bit sceptical about the accuracy of the figures. 

Data scepticism is laudable.

The Whittington is in Islington and The Teddington Memorial is in Richmond

Michael, I stand corrected over the Whittington - somehow I thought it just over the border in Camden.  No idea what the Teddington Memorial is - I lived for 20 years in the Borough of Richmond and Kingston is the local hospital.  I suspect it may be a more sophisticated kind of clinic and used to be a hospital and has retained the nomenclature.

It's true, I think there's been 1 positive case in the last week reported in Haringey and around 600 overall since the beginning.  

It sounds like good news but should be wary - Haringey has very low positive test rates, but very high death rates when adjusted for the age of the population. The low positive test rates might just mean that people in Haringey are less able to get tested when they need to. 

That said the worst of it is over for now, and Whittington/North Mid haven't reported a death for a while. 

Do you have a link to the death rate data you reference?  Overall, your conclusions make sense to me.  I suspect an awful lot of people around here got sick (or not), recovered, and never went near a test.

Hi sorry - didn't see this till now but looks like you found the info. About 1 in a 1000 Haringey residents died so far, which is high for the age profile of the borough. Testing regime was pretty poor in the beginning when it was worst here, and still isn't great. 

This is the link to the latest version  of this article, as far as I can see:


- this has the Haringey rate at 3 new cases last week.

However, it is not clear what the source is & there are a lot of problems re test data, e.g.:

- Around 40% of cases have no symptoms, so will only be caught by a comprehensive testing programme, which the UK has not been able to organise

- The current centralised & privatised part of the UK test programme is not good at reporting its data to the NHS, councils etc, so may not be in this data

- There are also figures that are created by models or surveys; for example there are currently around 2000 positive tests each day in the UK, but it is considered that there are actually around 8000 new cases a day (though this may not include those with no symptoms).

Levels are clearly much, much lower than they were - but it is quite difficult to know exactly what the levels are, particularly given the UK is still not very good at testing & is still getting going on tracing....

Looking at the number of Covid-19 deaths each and every borough in London has had more deaths than the whole of New Zealand, and 10  London boroughs (including Haringey) have had more deaths than New Zealand and Australia combined; not mentioning Vietnam with a population of 90 million people a land border with China and no deaths.  There needs to be a thorough investigation.

Found it: corona virus death figure for Haringey up to 22 May is 258.  Current figure of 597 for total number of infections :blink:   Given that the mortality rate for corona virus is somewhere between 1-2%, and the total population of Haringey is in the region of 268,000, people can draw their own conclusions.  Perhaps if the time comes when they calculate the locality with the lowest level of testing, Haringey might win a prize.

It's also worth bearing in mind that Haringey has exceptionally few care homes - something I discovered months ago before corona virus became an issue.

That’s a good point Vaneska. It would be interesting to see infection/mortality broken down to the borough level in care home/non-care home settings



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