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Haringey Libraries The Library Consortium update: use of online services 2nd -7th December

Haringey Libraries will be officially joining The Library Consortium (TLC) next month (December). The systems will be upgraded from 2 to 7 December 2022 to make essential improvements.

During this period, it will not be possible to make library account queries, renewals and payments online (and via our app), by telephone or in person at our libraries.
Arrangements have been made during this period. See poster below for more details or 
find out more at  www.haringey.gov.uk/librarynews

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This is brilliant news (the consortium I mean). It gives library users access to the stock of every other consortium member, so over 7 million items that can be borrowed.

Any ideas whether this will make any difference to the e-book library or not?

I believe so, yes. They are promising 60,000!

Thanks. I was disappointed when I first started using the ebooks section to see how few there were so this looks a big improvement.

Yes I agree - a massive improvement.

I really wish they would send out email reminders when books are due - Islington library do that (although they don't have an app, which makes renewal more cumbersome.) I try to keep on top of it but have had to pay fines more than once recently.

If you don't know when books are due maybe you shouldn't be borrowing books ?

That's a bit snarky, John. Since I mostly borrow them through the machines, and renew them on the app, the date isn't written in the front as it used to be. I often have about six books out at a given time, some borrowed at different times from others, hence different renewal dates, and use both Haringey and Islington libraries. So forgive me if, occasionally, something slips through the net!!

Sorry, it touched a nerve. Please carry on borrowing books and I'll try to stop being snarky

You very kindly handed a letter into the library for me last year, when I was in Germany and simply couldn't get through to anyone on the phone - so I forgive you.

Maddy, how did you get Islington to send email reminders? They send me reminders of overdue books by post which just seems like a terrible waste of time and money, though at least I still don't seem to get fines at the moment there, and I'd much prefer to get those messages by email, though I keep tabs on my very excessive numbers of library loans online (just not through apps). When you refer to apps, does that mean you want to be able to deal with it all on a phone rather than a desktop/laptop PC?

I've known about this for a while and think it's potentially a good thing, but I'm a bit frustrated by the way it's being implemented. I renewed some of my books online before 2 December, but was perhaps a bit too optimistic about expecting it to be up and running from 8 December. At the moment I can't login to do online print books renewals.

I'm already an online member of the Consortium through Hackney Libraries, and am assuming that I won't be able to keep two separate accounts with their own ebook limits. There is quite a wide choice but ebook loan, reservation and recommendation limits are all lower for the Consortium as a whole (8 loans, 8 holds and 1 suggestion every 20 days). Also, publishers often only seem to licence one copy of a book for a whole service, bearing in mind that the Consortium covers about 12 boroughs. 

Andrew AW1, Haringey offers ebooks through two separate systems - there is a bigger selection on Libby than on Borrowbox, and it's not the biggest but it's not that small. The Consortium does have more than Haringey.

I was talking to a member of staff in Harringay and Stroud Green library last week and the switch over to the consortium system means that some parts of the current system won’t work until the migration is complete.  Frustrating I agree but the reward at the end is worth it!



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