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From Property Week yesterday, confirming a story we noted on 12 November and with interesting links to a Crossrail 2 discussion currently active on the site:

Haringey Council has launched a search for a partner to bring forward £2bn of development including sites in Tottenham and Wood Green.

The plans, which the council called “a long-term project on an unprecedented scale”, will comprise at least 5,000 new homes and a new town centre over the next 15-20 years.

Haringey Council wants to establish a 50/50 joint venture partnership and has begun the OJEU tender process to find a partner, with a deadline for submissions of 22 February.

Wood Green and Tottenham will be the initial focus of the venture. Wood Green is seen as an under-performing town centre and the focus in Tottenham will be on estate renewal.

Both areas are set to benefit from the planned Crossrail 2 rail link.

Other sites in other parts of the borough have already been identified and the partnership will also be able to take on other prospects as they arise, the council said this morning.

The sites which will be transferred into the new vehicle are the Wood Green Estate; Haringey Civic Centre; Station Road Offices; a library site; Northumberland Park Regeneration Area; Cranwood Care Home and 102-116 Woodside Avenue, Muswell Hill, as well as a commercial portfolio worth approximately £48m comprising 146 assets across the borough.

Claire Kober, leader of the council, said: “Our innovative development vehicle places Haringey at the heart of London’s future growth, bringing thousands of new homes and jobs to the capital’s best borough.

“Change is already happening in Haringey, and we’re determined to lead and shape the future of our borough in the decades to come, rather than simply selling off parcels of land.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the right partner that shares our vision to get on board with our exciting regeneration plans in Tottenham and Wood Green, providing crucial funding and expertise while being unafraid to challenge us with new ideas.”

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Change is already happening in Haringey, and we’re determined to lead and shape the future of our borough in the decades to come, rather than simply selling off parcels of land."

Change is already happening in Haringey, and we're determined to keep that going and shape the future of our borough in the decades to come, selling it all off quickly at today's prices rather than slowly as the prices rise.

This said by the woman who wanted to be in Tessa Jowell's Mayoral team until she lost the selection to Sadiq Khan a couple of months ago. Change of heart?

Would prefer to have something done rather than nothing which before now seemed to be Wood Greens destiny. The biggest question we should ask is who was overseeing Wood Greens wellbeing for the last thirty years and why aren't they stript of all privaledges for abject neglect.

"Nothing done?"  Perhaps you mean nothing you approve of?

FPR, I usually try to avoid responding to Will Hoyle's comments, but since he's distorting what I wrote, let me clarify that, rather than irony, I was asking a direct question.

It seems to me that instead of "nothing", over the years there have been a number of developments in Wood Green. I don't know about or remember all of them, but plainly some were substantial. For example, the Mary Neuner "spine road" with a view to develop the so-called Heartlands proposals.  Others include the Chocolate Factory and the redevelopment of the cinema etc at Spouters Corner. Also development of the block at the corner of Redvers Road. (I realise the latter was opposed by many local residents.)

Medium and smaller initiatives I recall include changes/widening of paving and bus stops in Wood Green High Road. Also the pedestrian crossing at Station Road. Turnpike Lane bus station was redesigned while retaining the attractive original buildings. Ducketts Common has had improvements - with the involvement of the Friends' Group.

Many initiatives had involvement and advocacy from members of community groups both east and west of Wood Green High Road. (Several of whom have been contributors to this website.)  I wouldn't deprecate or underestimate the time and effort these volunteers have put in - not least by taking an active part in consultations; and in writing their own reports about aspects of the area.  Also by lobbying for action on particular problems - for example to press the Council to tackle the chronic dumping in some of the back alleyways.

So FPR, my question had no hidden or ironic purpose. My thought is that there have been changes. So maybe there's now an opportunity for you and other Wood Green residents  to say what you do and don't like; and now want to see.

From being a local to the area since 1972 and someone who has visited Wood Green many many times over that period I really don't see that much was done to Wood Green until the TFL makeover.

I love Wood Green , as you know, because of the pure critical mass of diverse people it enjoys and it's unusual raw energy but until recently it has been quite a sh!t hole.

I appreciate some changes may have been made over the years but to be fair, people in any work place have to do something now and again, just for self preservation. Regarding volunteers that they had makes me think they should have done much more.

Has Wood Green been strategically shaped by loving hands over the years ? Not at all, in my opinion. Perhaps finances were not there. Perhaps everyone was waiting for the socialist revolution. Perhaps the cash was getting skimmed by someone on the sly or spent on stupid magazines, I don't know.

However finally someone is coming along and trying to mend what was North Londons biggest botch job and I think we should applaud the effort generally.

I do care if the library goes, not for me but for the vulnerable and I do care if the cinema goes not for the vulnerable but for the audacious spendthrifts like myself. However Wood Green does have massive potential. It could be lovely and anyone holding out for a better vision in a grand way deserves a pat on the back in my book.

Of course the devil is in the detail and we should care what the plans are but equally we should care about what wasn't done all these years and in my opinion, that's quite a bit.

The place does enjoy an amazing critical mass of people, the top bit enjoys a good position for sun light, it's gifted by the Victorians because of its tube and is positioned in the worlds most loved capital city and enjoys the entry point to the people's palace which will only grow in status ( fire permitting ). It's got loads going for it, it does however need some vision, a whole heap of cash and some people to say 'yes' from a healthy critical perspective of past performance.

FPR, one person's Big Scheme / Big Dreams can easily become other people's nightmares.
Especially as the focus of discussion on Haringey Online - and of the planners - often tends to be well known individual buildings and the main shopping areas. People's homes then seem to get relegated - taking a back seat. So when the developers move in, what happens to them can all too easily become 'collateral damage'.
I think we partly disagree "that volunteers should have done much more".  Maybe as a citizen volunteer you've tried and succeeded.  But in Wood Green and nearby I've seen enthusiastic and inspired local people doing their bit - putting forward small and medium ideas and trying to stop daft things happening.

Having said all that, we agree that Wood Green "does enjoy an amazing critical mass of people".  And that's clearly an aspect we both like. But your calling Wood Green "a shit hole" seems to be echoing the rather pointless - but revealing - discussion on HoL:  The Hell that is Wood Green 

So I tend to worry if the "grand" planners and the developers have their sights on turning places into somewhere else. Which might work to produce something new and positive. But all too often can end up with what NEF (the New Economics Foundation) calls "Clone Town" or "Anytown".

Here's a suggestion for you, FPR. Instead of writing in general terms about a "botch job" and "strategic shape", how about taking a camera - or using your phone camera - and posting some photos of places you like? Adding comments about why you like them and and possible lessons to be learned and applied to Wood Green.

I suggest we protect a few sites ( cinema and tube and a few shop fronts ) and open a competition for the best designs, allowing a complete open remit for entrants and then vote on the best one.

I certainly wouldn't want the town designed by a committee of people weirdly attracted to sitting on committee's by coming to some kind of souless consensus or designed by anyone in the council.

Enough damage has been done like that already.
And whither the Crossrail 2 "consultation"?

The list includes " a library site" - which one ? Also does the "commerical portfolio of...146 assets" include all the community and arts centres that are apparently to be sold off - Jackson's Lane Theatre, Hornsey Vale Community Centre etc.?

Maddy, there is a breakdown of al the property Haringey own (link below)


The bulk of the around 19,500 units are housing. There is quite a lot in the commercial sector though,like shops, offices and light industrial.

Places like Jacksons Lane often have conditions attached to them on use and resale, though that is of course no guarantee of their future.

Maddy, the library will likely be the Wood Green branch, given its location and the overall proposals for the area.

Until a year or so ago it was named 'Central Library'. When it was changed to 'Wood Green' I asked the library staff why, but they could not give a coherent answer. I no longer wonder why.



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