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It's undated this time, no idea how long it's been running this time - previously it seemed to be a one-day-wonder.

Click twice on the image to read it without bifocals/nose against screen...

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Ah…! The wonders of relying on technology for everything.

The pros & cons of….

It’s like ‘youngsters’ that can no longer find their way around because everything is on their mobile.

They are useless. They are hard nosed and unsympathetic and never resident friendly. The online appeal system is unwieldy. Sending appeals to SHEFFIELD, says everything about an uncaring attitude. I see Parking Enforcenent Officers being pally pally with custmers if a certain local bar near Falkland Rd, who then let off motorists who illegally park. Corruption. Local police know but there is no action taken.This parking department is unfit for purpose and needs a complete overhaul

"This parking department is unfit for purpose and needs a complete overhaul."

Does the service not just reflect the standards of those that are in charge of policy and decision making?

The same can be said about so much in.......Haringey Borough.

Local elections are coming in May.



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