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After something of a hiatus, Harringay Ladder Living Streets recently met with Mike Hakata, the new Haringey Traffic supremo.

The group will be contacting Ladder locals soon about reconfiguring and moving forward,

It will be interesting to see how this comes out next year. There's a lot of positive noises at the moment but we'll have to see how many are put into action.

Well the numbers back-up my experience that Haringey is lagging miles behind neighbouring boroughs as far as cycling infrastructure is concerned. If you're entering Haringey from Hackney, Waltham Forest, Islington and even Enfield then the difference is impossible to miss, the people in power responsible for this should really be embarrassed, it reflects so poorly on the borough.

Interestingly Enfield score even worse and Waltham Forest about the same.  I think you notice the interventions there more as they tend to concentrate a lot in a smaller area while doing bugger all elsewhere.

The reason for the similar scores is Haringey scores better for having more 20mph streets and CPZ parking.

I’ve looked at the indicators and they are rather blunt tools.  Stuff like CPZs will always show a high score for more inner London boroughs as they will always tend to have more of them as they are more population dense, same thing for 20mph speed limits as they don't have the same mileage of road under the control of other authorities as outer London boroughs do.  Similarly the great bulk of dedicated cycleways introduced by the Mayor of London are in inner London boroughs - again not within the control of individual local authorities. The City of London scoring highly is almost entirely due to the great bulk of residents being in The Barbican Estate - a podium deck where it’s is completely impossible to drive a car.  That shows up in data on car usage there (very low) while car ownership is very high - they use their cars to drive out of the city and contribute to the pollution levels of surrounding boroughs.

Totally, I cycled through Hackney and back to my flat on Wightman yesterday and the difference is very marked. Hackney seem to moved to a point where only main roads are through routes for drivers and as such cyclists have quite side streets mostly to themselves. It feels great. I got home and said to my wife, "Turns out we don't have to move to the countryside to get some peace and quiet, just to Hackney"

You’re never going to stop all the cars on Green Lanes. The traders would never allow it. 

Bearing in mind that Haringey has only just introduced but not implemented LTNs in the east of the borough - Bruce Grove and West Green.

Crime of the century...



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