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Media release from Haringey today:

Cyclists in Haringey are set to benefit from a huge investment of up to almost £1m on the installation of bike hangars.   

Last night (11 July 2023), Cabinet agreed a massive expansion of on-street cycle storage, helping hundreds without room in their home and encouraging active travel.

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in the borough, with 2,000 people in Haringey on the waiting list for a safe spot to park their bike, and it is hoped the new programme will significantly reduce that number.

The council currently has already provided more than 1,000 secure spaces, with this funding boost alone set to increase that number by around 600.   

On-street covered hangars typically have room for six bikes and take up less space than a single car.  

Cllr Mike Hakata, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Climate Action, Environment and Transport said:

London has seen a revolution in the way people get around since the pandemic, with a significant rise in the number of people cycling.
With the roll out of our Streets for People programme, including the imminent growth of our protected cycle lanes, we expect to see a big rise in demand for cycling in Haringey.  
We know that access to safe, secure storage for bikes can be a barrier to cycling and want to encourage people to travel actively because it has so many benefits – from supporting their health and wellbeing to reducing traffic and improving air quality.

As well as this investment to install cycle hangars, the council is set to trial an e-bike hire scheme this autumn, giving local people more opportunities for affordable, active travel, while also cutting pollution and congestion and improving public health.   

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Great; is there any info on how to get to host a hangar?

Nice! But where did they get a million quid from?

So it sounds like 100 new bike sheds at a bit under £10,000 each. Ker-ching!

E-bike hire scheme? I think someone's already doing that.

Great! Will they use some of that money to clean the broken glass,  bits of cars and general crap out of the dedicated cycle lanes? All very well putting them in but if they don’t maintain them we might as well ride in the road .. less chance of a puncture

Nothing on cargo bikes?

I do not really want to keep a car. I want a cargo bike. But I'm only allowed to keep a car on the road. So I have a car.

That's strange. Do you know which legislation or bye-law is used to prevent you parking a cargo bike on the road in spaces specifically allocated for parking?

It’s perfectly legal to park a cargo bike on the street


That's helpful. So, parking on the street is legal, but it sounds like the Council need to permit it? James, have you asked the Council?

That says leave them on the pavement, not the road. 

This is not possible on many streets - it would block the pavement. Hackney council have been known to use this law against people leaving cargo bikes on pavements, allegedly when it's not actually blocking the pavement:


I'll try to ask Haringey, but pretty sure it's also an obstruction if left on the road by the same legislation, say in a residents parking bay, chained to a lamp post. Councils remove things like caravans left in the street using this too I believe. It seems to be driven by people complaining, and petrol head culture warriors appear to be anonymously complaining to councils when they spy a cargo bike. Has anyone seen any regularly parked in the road, or does it themselves? Anyone I know with one keeps it in their front yard.

The cargo bike sales people from the link above say effectively to demand the same rights as car drivers by asking for cargo bike provisions. They would - they're trying to sell cargo bikes. But it's not clear to me those rights exist. They ought to, of course, as these bikes can replace cars for some people and take up less space. It seems like a win win.

I have put this in response to consultations about cycle hangers, which can't accommodate cargo bikes, and looked out for some information on provisions for them in the council walking and cycling plans, but I've not seen anything.

I agree. I think parking them on pavements in anti-social, but I’d support some sort of scheme to allow them to be parked in residence parking spaces, for example, along with cars and motorbikes.

Has the design of these been improved to prevent them being jemmied open? Saw lots of pics of empty bike hangers with twisted doors esp during lockdown when bikes were at a premium. Is there floor anchorage bolted to concrete inside?

This is great news - I now have a place in a bike locker but I think I had been waiting for at least four years for one. I've certainly used my bike a good deal more since getting the place.

On costs my understanding is that they are self-financing and make more for the council than residents parking permits - you pay an upfront fee and an ongoing amount each year. 



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