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Many may have seen this already - appears like Hala is planning to take over China City and go from double to triple fronted. Apart from the obvious issue of the increasing homogeneity of our high street, and the fact that the triple format will contravene planning policy we also know that Hala contributes substantially to pollution in the area - as discussed recently, and caught on video.


There appears to be no planning submission relating to this - which would of course be required if they decide to merge the premises, so it may be a good time to get the authorities on the case. 

Apart from this it's quite unbelievable that this continues to happen.

There are 2 other case studies - Sira and Diyarbakir (who apparently are appealing against the refusal for a triple-fronted extension.)

This warrants proper engagement with the council - not least because there are clear planning parameters and these opportunistic merchants of identikit cuisine appear hell bent on bending the rules. 

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I urge people to make a Planning Enforcement complaint.  Link below 


I'd need some convincing that a bit of smoke rising straight into the sky is 'substantial' (or even remotely relevant) compared to the constant traffic at street level.

It's more than 'a bit of smoke rising straight into the sky'. For a start it doesn't rise straight into the sky. It can be seen in the distance as a 'cloud' at street level when approaching Green Lanes from, for example, Kimberley Gardens or Chesterfield Gardens. The smell is also very strong. Who knows what the particulate levels in the immediate vicinity are from this smoke, as they've never been measured, as far as I'm aware.

Obviously, the traffic is bad as well. And I'm not suggesting Hala is the main culprit, as there are a number of restaurants whose smoke output likely combines to create the visible 'cloud'.

I’m not saying this is a good thing but there is clearly something about market forces here. I would love lots of varaiation on green lanes but the reality is there isn’t the demand. In fact whenever someone sets up new it can often receive a fair amount of criticism from people on here (not all but some)

It’s not it’s not that it’s a restaurant that’s the issue DTW (the site is currently a restaurant anyway) it’s that Haringey have a specific policy not to allow triple restaurant developments so close to one another as they end up dominating the street.  I’ve searched Planning applications trying every address variation I can and can’t find anything for this site or ones either side.  So it seems that a contravention of planning regs is happening.

To be fair few of the places that have come and gone haven’t really been up to scratch. New additions to the area such as Yalu Yaalu and DoBar are both excellent and seem to be getting the business. Most of the Turkish places are very very good - no question about it, but they are all 100% the same and there is always spare capacity at each place so I’d suggest we have reached - and passed - peak Turkish. Note: Sira - bust, Tram was awful, Izmir (perpetually empty). 

Where/what is the policy that blocks triple-fronted restaurants?

I can see that there is a policy that there generally shouldn't be more than two non-retail units in a row but how would this apply when there is no change of use (i.e. there were already three non-retail units in a row)? The issue with Sira is that it was attempting to change the use from retail to non-retail. What would be the premise for blocking this?



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