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Thames Water are working at the Hermitage Road / Green Lanes junction again, so with three-way traffic lights and single alternate lane working there, plus the road narrowing along Green Lanes while the pavements are improved, not a good time to be driving - or expecting an on-time bus journey this week. Getting out of Sainsbury's looks tough too.

As a consequence, both the Endymion Road and Harringay Green Lanes Station bus stops are closed northbound. No sign of replacement paving yet at the latter - I've asked Haringey Council why reopening the bus stop doesn't appear to be a priority for Ringway Jacobs, the shiny new roads contractor to the council.

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As I've said above (and so have others), there should be priority for people with a disability, so they can travel and park with a motor  car, or taxi (with a taxi-card maybe?).

So " all cars " doesn't mean all cars ?

That's OK then, I'll carry on.

No idea of their location: the respondent signed off as

" [name]

Customer Service Advisor

Transport for London Customer Services "

which I'd take to be a basic call centre-level role.

They've "raised it with the relevant Bus Operations Manager", which may well be the person you already know of.



As I suspected, the closures for different works, one the repair the other the 'beautfication' of Harringay and no joined up thinking about 2 bus stops being closed. How are older people and those with mobility problems coping? Many people use the 2 closed bus stops for the Arena shops and Sainsburys. 


Several years ago I suggested to the Highways team in Haringey Environment Department that they should always involve people with disabilities with new highways and pavements schemes. The aim would be identifying possible problems at the planning stages; rather than doing catch-up and patch-up afterwards.

As I've grown to expect, my suggestion was totally ignored.

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)

You are absolutely right to highlight this, Alan. With an increasing number of elderly and infirm people living in Haringey, we need to pay attention closely to the needs of those with disabilities, especially where those disabilities affect ability to walk and move around as well as those of us who are lucky enough to be in good health. The current disruption on Green Lanes, which seems to have achieved little so far except to replace the paving slabs (at least one of which has already been driven over by the famously "careful" drivers of Haringey and cracked) has made life difficult enough for the fully abled people, so goodness knows how it has been for those with disabilities. I expect they have been imprisoned in their homes by the complete lack of consideration for their needs by the Council, its contractors, and all those "Crouch End Wannabes" who infest this sight, who only see pound signs in their eyes when the public realm is "improved", with their relentless desire for increasing property values.



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