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Thames Water are working at the Hermitage Road / Green Lanes junction again, so with three-way traffic lights and single alternate lane working there, plus the road narrowing along Green Lanes while the pavements are improved, not a good time to be driving - or expecting an on-time bus journey this week. Getting out of Sainsbury's looks tough too.

As a consequence, both the Endymion Road and Harringay Green Lanes Station bus stops are closed northbound. No sign of replacement paving yet at the latter - I've asked Haringey Council why reopening the bus stop doesn't appear to be a priority for Ringway Jacobs, the shiny new roads contractor to the council.

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I asked TfL about the closed bus stops - this is their reply:

Dear  Mr Terris

RE: Route 29 closed stops

Thank you for your email of 6 August regarding the closure of bus stops along the route 29 bus service. I was sorry to learn of the effect that you have reported after the closure of the Endymion Road and Haringay Green Lanes Station bus stops, and I apologise for any inconvenience which this might cause you. Please be aware that, while there are works being undertaken at both stops, the work being undertaken is not related and involves separate concerns. The Endymion Road bus stop was closed due to the need for emergency repairs after a water main burst. I can confirm that this work is currently scheduled to be completed on Friday 9 August 2013, at which point we would be able to reopen the stop.

Harringay Green Lanes Station bus stop was closed due to footway works. While we would normally endeavour to place a temporary stop during the closure, we were unable to site one due to parking issues. I have raised this with the Bus Operations Manager for this area and I would like to assure you that they will revisit the site in order to see if it is now possible to place a temporary stop here.

This is a real problem as Green Lanes is not a TfL Red Route, and Haringey Roads Dept, Street Management or whatever it is called, should have got this sorted.  If someone wants to ring, I know who is the manager for stops and so on at Arriva Wood Green I think he's the man for this kind of problem. And also the guy at Haringey.  Send me a personal note and I will pass the names on.

I drove the whole length of Green Lanes, and as usual, Haringey's contractors are disorganised, and I dread to think what is happening to bus schedules but a lot of money is being spent to replace paving slabs and kerb stones, to be followed by pavement extensions to plant small trees which will cause more traffic congestion still, as Harringay is a community where many of the men folk only think car not bus or bike.  Congestion rules and Haringey's officers and council do not understand this.

Gordon, was there a name at TfL?  Was it from TfL Buses at 172 Buckingham Palace Road, or their PR dept at Greenwich?

You drove the whole length of Green Lanes ?

You didn't think bus or bike ?

That's the problem with Green Lanes and more generally in London. Every owner of a great big shiny motorcar (often the size of a pick-up truck) thinks they have a God-given right to drive wherever and whenever they want, polluting the atmosphere with their fumes, and delaying the rest of us who go by bus, bike, or walk. It's time they stopped sitting on the sofa stuffing their faces with pies, and got off their lardy butts and walked somewhere. It's cars and their completely selfish owners that are the problem. Banning all cars in this area would be a big improvement. Only public transport, essential services and emergency vehicles should be allowed.

We'd need a lot more buses as the ones we have now are often overcrowded! But fewer cars, a lot fewer cars, would be great. More bus routes that are short hop on/off, shorter distances such as from tube stations to shopping areas to cut down on that constant blockage around the Arena, Sainsburys etc.

How about banning drive in restaurants such as McDonalds in built up areas like ours? Now that would be radical but would cut some of the traffic out of the hellish mess we have round there.... Customers could walk and burn off some of the fat they are eating! 

I am with you a hundred percent, Ruth. The McDo should have the drive-in banned. If people want to stuff their faces with fast food, full of fat, sugar and salt, a walk to get the junk would do them good. Also, it's way past time that the parking at the Sainsburys etc at the "retail park" was removed completely and turned into a proper park for local children to play in, with grass, trees and squirrels. No-one needs to drive to get groceries in this area. The traffic disgorging from the retail park into Green Lanes is a nightmare. Haringey Council were so keen to grab the money from the retail park owners, to inflate their already bloated salaries, they as usual showed no concern for the local people who struggle to walk, travel by bus, or ride a bike. There could still be priority parking for those with disabilities, or for taxis and the local "hopper bus" service (which I think is a wonderful service). It's time that everyone took a bit more exercise, and that the Council and its money-grubbing apparatchiks started to serve the people of Haringey, rather than lining their own pockets.

And when I as a resident want to visit family in Maidstone, or friends in Grimsby?

Yes I could take a bus or train but it would take all day and Maidstone buses stop at 6.30 pm anyway. Get real please

Come now John, those kind of journeys are not the problem. In the same way that the enormous number of flights from Heathrow to Paris every day are the real congestion problem there, it's the small local journeys that many people make, often never leaving London, that are the problem here.

There's no reason not to use a car if you want to go to some out of the way place like Maidstone or Grimsby, and I think all of us are aware that some parts of the UK are not as well served by public transport as others. However, there's no reason, provided a person is in decent health, to have to use a car in London, where you can get to most places by bus, tube, train, DLR etc. Also, taxi services are very good. Have you considered that you might well be better off not owning a car (imagine the money you'd save) and just taking taxis when you needed to, or even hiring a car for a day or a weekend when you visit your friends in Grimsby or Maidstone (other parts of the UK are also available)?

The Motley Fool have had some excellent financial analysis up on "should you own a car" for years, here.

I visit friends and family all over the country by public transport, always have. It it possible tho can imagine more difficult/expensive with children. But railcards and advance booking cuts the costs of tickets. I also travel a lot for work. But as others have said, it's the short local journeys that clog up our roads, cause pollution and accidents and many of these journeys can be done by foot, bike, bus, tube etc. McDonalds drive throughs encourage the let's not get out of our car mentality. That's one US import we really didnt need! 

No just the Harringay bit, not the Palmers Green to Enfield section.  Sorry I am partly disabled and Sainsburys beckoned.  Sadly my bike gathers dust these days, how I would love to cycle. But much as I use my W7 whenever I can, I avoid the 29, the 141 etc. ,etc. There are a lot of maniac drivers round there.



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