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Thames Water are working at the Hermitage Road / Green Lanes junction again, so with three-way traffic lights and single alternate lane working there, plus the road narrowing along Green Lanes while the pavements are improved, not a good time to be driving - or expecting an on-time bus journey this week. Getting out of Sainsbury's looks tough too.

As a consequence, both the Endymion Road and Harringay Green Lanes Station bus stops are closed northbound. No sign of replacement paving yet at the latter - I've asked Haringey Council why reopening the bus stop doesn't appear to be a priority for Ringway Jacobs, the shiny new roads contractor to the council.

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It was nice to see that at 7pm last night there was nobody there actually doing any work... This is a major arterial route. I would have thought Boris would have a fit over it.

Any word on the works happening on the corner of Stroud Green and Tollington Park? The sign in the road just says they started on 13 July and gives no indication of how long they will last. It's creating issues getting to and from Finsbury Park station at rush hour :(

Rebecca, TfL's website 'Latest News' page has a 'Roads' tab which will show a map including roadworks. From that, I quote below, though I'd be surprised if it is finished as claimed today, 6th August - lots of machinery and barriers still in place at 13:30.

Works - Stroud Green Road (Islington,Haringey)
2013-07-29 (08:00) to 2013-08-06 (16:00)
Stroud Green Road (Southbound) at the junction of Upper Tollington Park - 4 way temporary traffic signals will be in operation to facilitate works for Islington Council.
2013-08-06 (14:31) : Expect some delay while temporary signals and restrictions are in place. Traffic is moderate at present.

Thank you! I will use that resource in future. I too have limited hope it'll be done today 

It seems a right mess, and much of the work is replacing paving slabs.  I have a horrible feeling this is going to be yet another way of spending lots of Council Tax monies without actually achieving much.  Or am I just an old cynic; no I have lived in the area for too long!

If bus stops are closed, the operator has a Temporary Stop pole, known in the trade as a Dolly Stop, which should be put at the nearest point to the stop that is closed off.

The Temporary Stop pole could have been put just north of the Endymion Rd / Green Lanes junction, but some parking bays would have had to be suspended: filed under 'too difficult' perhaps, since it's *only* 5 days.

Today (Tuesday) there is movement on the Harringay Green Lanes Station bus stop work: the kerbstones nearest the bus shelter have been removed, preparatory to raising the kerb height for easier access I expect.

I walked along part of the newly-laid paving slabs earlier today (an unbroken expanse of paving, so I am interested to know where the fabled trees are going to be planted) and I noticed that one of the newly-laid slabs has already been driven over and cracked. It's in the stretch of pavement outside Yasar Halim. As for Thames Water, they are as usual disrupting out lives in their support of excessive profits.

Traffic was so snarled along Green Lanes tonight and backing down a long way down in all directions. Bad timing to have all these things going on at once and 2 bus stops down is pretty bad. I had just got used to getting of at Endymion road instead of H'gay GL but now that is out. I'm just walking down. It's quicker, will get us fitter perhaps.... 

I wonder what difference new paving slabs will make to the area and how long will they stay clean? Cynic? Me? 

Agree, I got caught up in the traffic on the bus yesterday and there were some furious people who hadn't realised that Endymion was shut and so were just hopping mad by the time they got to Pemberton. Temporary bus stops (at least one) would have been thoughtful.

Lack of joined up thinking? Probably cus the works at Hermitage are different the those on Green Lanes, no-one thought to check what the next working bus stop was. It's a complete lack of concern for the public. Endymion to Mattison is a long way esp after a long day at work or night out. You just want to get home and not have a drawn out frustrating journey.

I was on a bus previous week (when Endymion still open but not HgyGL) and the driver didn't announce that the next bus stop was closed. He got a right old telling off from a guy on the bus who was a bus driver himself and he said quite loudly, drivers should announce which bus stops are closed. It's their job. Or to put on that automatic announcement. Seems like this is not happening 

Totally agree.

Last year the 141 route had an automated announcement about the next stop being closed (this was near Old Street). It wasn't that helpful really (after all, you were already on the bus), but it did at least let people know what was coming. That one was for very long term works, perhaps that is why it isn't happening on GL - but agree the bus driver should say something in those instances.

I've heard that automated announcement once or twice concerning these road works so it's a possibile option for drivers so that folk can jump out in advance. But clearly when two bus stops are closed, they need to make an announcement themselves! ho hum.. 



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