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Not sure who this should go to, but I expect the GL Regeneration team are now looking at snagging issues? I have seen a couple of times that when it rains the new corner of Mattison and Green Lanes quit a big puddle can form. This one is quite tame in comparison to one I saw. Not sure if this might make it onto the snag list?

Let me know if I need to forward this to anyone.

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Interesting to see how that bicycle is attached to the cycle stand. Are they a wee bit too low?

It's a giant bike ;-)

If you ask me, the junction by the Salisbury is now one giant snag. Stands for glass bottles to be left on overnight, still-dangerous junction where the growing trees will reduce visibility further, a certain legal firn "enhancing" the aesthetic with a tasteful (not) advertisement of their business - and crumbling tarmac slopes adjacent to each kerb, purporting pathetically to pass for pram and wheelchair ramps... I'm beginning to wonder if the council's motto isn't "If it isn't broke, break it"...

How about waiting till it's all finished?

I didn't know it wasn't! Mon mal..

Oh dear, perhaps wait until they're all finished - growing, that is.....  

But in this case there's a second smaller bike the other side of the stand and they've both been secured using a single D-lock, hence the leaning yellow bike.



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