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Snug - in the Centre of Harringay (Photo: Hugh Flouch)

If you haven't already been, Snug Cafe is a truly welcoming place. At the front is a bright homely space used by home-based workers and other locals. The presence of laptops gives a clue that a really great high-speed wifi network has been installed.

Snug's front room (Photo: Hugh Flouch)

At the back of the cafe is a space dedicated to local mums and their little ones. In addition to the playroom, Anna invites hosts a range of daytime classes for mums and kids.

Snug's playroom (Photo: Snug Cafe)

As well as offering a comfortable and welcoming space, Anna will also keep you happy with her great coffee, genuinely home made cakes and healthy home cooked food.

Health conscious home-cooked food (Photo: Snug Cafe)

Anna serves no fried foods and everything is made on the premises with fresh ingredients.........except the cakes which are made by a passionate home-based local cake maker. When I was there for this article, the popular dishes seemed to be, the famed Snug Open Sandwich, the Sweet Potato Hash, the Veggie Breakfast and the Salmon Fishcake. (You'll be surprised to hear that I didn't try anything from the Kids' Menu, but plenty of Snug's smaller customers seemed to be happily tucking in!).

Home baking  (Photo: Snug Cafe)

I shouldn't forget to mention that Anna's also a passionate art lover. She already hosts some art works by locals but is keen to do more. So if you or someone you know wants a great space to show off your work, Anna's keen to hear from you.

I like Snug. Harringay's the richer for having it on our high street. if you haven't been yet - pop in. get comfortable, have a coffee and a snack and behold the majesty of The Salisbury right opposite!

Nice and Snug (Photo: Hugh Flouch) 

Snug Cafe, 549 Green Lanes, Harringay.

Opening hours and other info on the Snug Cafe website

or the Snug Facebook page

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Snug is a treasure.  I agree with everything you've written. 

I'm not veggie but the veggie breakfast is my favourite light lunch. My kids (14 and 11) love it there and always have the "posh" hot chocolate. 

I'm addicted to the cakes and the cheesecake. 

Thank you so much Liz! You and your family are always welcome!

Nice pix. I like the perpendicularly-hung clock, bit like the one on the lamppost opposite the Salisbury?

The Harringay Business Networking is at Snug tomorrow from 3pm. 

I love Snug.  Really comfortable welcoming cafe.

Thank you Ruth !

Delicious food and super friendly staff - they always rush to help carry prams up the stairs.

Thank you Lisa !

Agreed it’s a great place 

Snug is great - my son loves it (and they also let Dads into the space dedicated to Mums...http://bkserv3.net/smiley/3.gif)

Sorry Sean and I’ve no excuse really since one of the mums who was there when I was in chatting to Anna was indeed a dad. 

No worries, Hugh. Not surprised you saw a Dad in there, as there are normally at least a couple of us in the soft play areas and singing sessions along Green Lanes (we're spoilt for choice these days). 



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