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As discussed before the new charge for collecting garden waste starts 23rd October. This means pay £75 per year, and that’s to start with, or your garden waste will not be collected. You can of course take your waste to recycling centres. This is voluntary the council say and no one will be forced to pay the charge. So my question to Haringey is , since all these changes and charges have come or coming into effect and you say use the refuse centres if you don’t want to pay, why are you closing the Park View Rd Centre the same day just as garden waste period is starting? Is this not a way of forcing people to pay the new charges? What do you think people?

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I suspect a sudden increase in sales of garden incinerators.

I similarly suspect that the council will soon close other recycling centres, or at the very least, stop them taking garden waste. Although the date is relevant as it is the start of the school half term.  All changes to road use seem to be made at the start of a school holiday when there are fewer cars on the road.  I can't really see the relevance to garden waste disposal but then I don't work for the council!

Bringing back a charge for collecting bulky rubbish (beds, fridges, sofas etc) I am sure is a very short-sighted measure as it will just lead to more fly tipping and the council then having to collect abandoned furniture and not charge anyone for it.  That's what happened last time they brought in a bulky rubbish fee.

There will only be the one recycling centre left for the whole borough, the one on Western Rd.

The recent leaflet says Haringey residents are permitted to use other local boroughs' recycling centres. I think the sites listed here


are the ones they mean.

Can't you just put it in the general waste bin?  Also, I thought we were all trying to create cleaner air, how does all the resedents in Harringey burning garden waste help this issue?  Well done Harringey, another great idea!  

The problem most people have is that you have to pay £75 per year for the brown bin or £55 for the sacks. Haringey residents already pay a lot on council tax. And my original post is why are they closing all the centers..is it not a way of forcing people to pay?

I just had a quick look on Haringey's website about the charged for garden waste collection and noticed the following:

If you choose sacks, they will be composted along with your waste.

I'm not clear what this means. One has to wonder if it means that bagged garden waste will be treated the same as grey bin waste. Or, does it mean they'll be treated with food waste?

My understanding and after speaking to Veola is that if you do not have room for the new bin you can opp for the sacks but you still have to pay a charge which is £55 per year. I also noted that they are using adult social care as a reason for charges but did our council tax not go up this year for this?

Yes, that much is understood. The question raised by the line I quoted is the eventual fate of any bagged garden waste.

It's not possible to guess from that wording! Composting sounds positive, but along with "your waste" means nothing.

I had a tag attached to my garden waste sack this morning saying "this service has stopped". I thought we had one more week though?

Supposed to go until 23rd Oct - check my link above. If they fail to collect prior to that, call Veolia and complain. They seem quite good at rectifying mistakes. 

Yes, I've been working towards getting rid of a load of ivy with the 23/10 date in mind which is why I was surprised by today's tag. I shall put out next week's bag as usual and see what happens.

The latter (composted with food waste) I think Hugh, see this compostable garden waste sack from "the UK's favourite bin liner company" 

But if you request a one-off 'bulky goods' pickup for bagged garden waste it won't be composted even if in compostable bags, since it'll be mixed with other picked-up bulky rubbish.



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