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Let's Go Let's Grow and Rockstone Gardener are considering joining forces to set up two major food growing projects in the coming season. Starting now!

Ideally one could be near Finsbury Park Tube Station ( North London Community Gardening Centre) and the other a community growing scheme on a piece of land nearly opposite Tottenham Police Station.

To kick things off we need to find a couple of local people to co-ordinate/progress the proposals. This is because each of our existing operations are loated 5 miles away in opposite directions.

"Bringing food growing to the high street" will be a core theme of these exciting new projects and are guaranteed to be a huge success and benefit to local people thanks to the skills, passion and flair of Robbie and Mike, the schemes architects. This however can only be materialised by linking up with a couple of equally passionate and committed local people, providing essential local orientation and identity.

We are appealing to anyone who thinks that they, or somone they know, could contribute this key ingredient to get in touch.




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Can you message me, I'm interested.


Tottenham Chances is at that location and would prob be happy to support. 



   THANKS FOR THIS.... Yes!  I spoke to Andy there on Monday and he said that he will give our contact details to Penny to arrange a chat. I will message you with contact details so that we too can have a chat and explore the proposals in more detail... Mike


 At the stage of "writing proposals", would be the most accurate answer. There would be no point in going further without finding complimentary peole/groups to do the projects in conjunction with. We couldn't realistically talk to any landowners/premises owners till we had a profile of the team operating the projects. Funding has never been an issue in the past and shouldn't present any particular problems with the current proposals.


I am very interrested if it's around Tottenham.

This is where I live.



  Thanks Nadjett please get in touch I have sent contact details  Mike

If the green spaces have public access or were owned by Haringey Council, we might occassionally be able to get our local conservation volunteers involved. We currently have practical conservation sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. See our website for more details - http://www2.btcv.org.uk/display/london_haringey


   Thanks for this Michael,


                    The sites would definitely be accessible to the puiblic and feature staffed displays and promotional events to encourage novice growers to try container fruit and veg growing. As for approaching  landowners,we are not quite at that stage yet. I  will keep you posted...best wishes   Mike


I wonder if the guys who posted from Let's go let's grow are aware of all the things happening on the patch already. 'Growing in Haringey' is a large network of local growing project with various forms of information and support resources - see http://growinginharingey.wikispaces.com/.  We are linked to Capital Growth, a London wide network with maps and details of many growing projects including those in Haringey, and both training and  'grower's market' type events. See www.capitalgrowth.org/. 


Growing in Haringey held a seed swap day at Tottenham Chances some months ago, and I know they have work in progress to set up a vegetable garden there. It promises to be a great site, being in just the right place to attract lots of attention from the public.


Good luck all and hope to hear more from you.

Anne Gray (Growing in Haringey)


   Dear Anne,


               Grateful to you for the link. One of the main aims of posting here originally was to find out exactly

what you are talking about. 

               There would be no intention to compromise any existing or planned project developments. The plans we have are distinctly differrent from Capital Growth in nature. Robbie and I have both been doing CG schemes already, these proposals are not within their remit.


               I was passing the land at T-Chances on my way from visiting the Green Routes project  to go to Back 2 Earth at BWF.

               A brief chat with one of the trustees is as far as I went on that one so far. To  be honest I'd prefer something really close to Finsbury Park tube station.......even a temporary site may be worth doing - something already earmarked for building on or regeneration. That is what one of our existing sites is like near Marylebone station.


             Thanks again for your comments     best wishes  Mike


Hi, it may also be worth you contacting Jo Homan, Main Contact Transition Finsbury Park - they run Edible Lanscapes based within the Green Routes space in Finsbury Park near Manor House Tube - this is a community nursery growing perenial trees, shrubs, herbs, fruits & veggies. http://transitionfinsburypark.org.uk/NurseryBlog


Transititon Finsbury Park & Capital Growth also have a small site within the grounds of Jamboree Play Hut, also in Finsbury Park that myself and a few other parents have been involved in.





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