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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

What is this place? Who is behind it? Are they there legally?

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Try it ...you just walk through the door and take something, then walk out without paying, though a hello or a smile helps though is not obligatory.

Supporting the right of Palestinians to exist has absolutely nothing to do with Golden Dawn fascists. "These guys look like they're from the other extreme but poison is poison", smears are poisonous too. Why not pop in and talk to them they are quite affable.

No thank you.

They have signs in the window saying '**** the Government' and encouraging people to attend protest marches dressed in black with masks. Those aren't the messages of samaritans.

With the present government I find that "**** the government" is quite appropriate. It is also possible to think this and still be a kindly soul.

Maggie, if you think that that word is appropriate, why do you hide behind  " **** " ?

Have the courage of your convictions and type it in clear.

@ John D.

I will happily write F***.

F*** THE GOVERNMENT, no problem John.

If you notice it was in inverted commas to convey that it was a quote from Stav Aristides above, including asterisks, so was a direct quote. 

I await to see if I have now invoked the ire of the moderator.

Well that's honest, at least. 

Thank you moderator, my use of 16th century germanic has now been asterisk-ised. x

The owner of the property has clearly left it to rot. And now it's being used, it seems, for altruistic purposes, which I feel is a far more positive outcome than it sitting boarded up and vacant. 

The former Post Office building has been empty and unused for months, with no sign it will ever be used again. The squatters are not harming anyone, or denying anyone a home. They are also giving stuff away free. I may not agree with all the views on posters/placards, but I certainly applaud their initiative in making use of a building that is effectively abandoned and being left to rot, and giving stuff to anyone for free.

Squatters aren't good news. Userly druggies that trash the place when they go. You get all sorts hanging about

They are people living in an empty property.  That’s where any similarity between squatters ends

Unless they are living there with permission of the building owners they are squatting.



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